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  1. please, look my example i've listed (only IE takes place). I mean that when shrinkin a window, the field input element shifts bottom.
  2. Please, clear this things to me.
    I have a simple example of window + formpanel + field.
    I found , that only in IE the strange things happens: when shrinking window horizontally, the field runs out...
  3. ExtJS 4.1.0 b1: bug still exists when rendering window to "Central" region (applying "renderTo" option like region.getEl())
    When you try to drag or resize window, it become offsetted in Y by the...
  4. I'm using official 4.0.7

    I'll check 4.1 beta, as you found that this example works.
    The main goal of event using is to handle 'Home' and 'End', 'PgUp', 'PgDown' keys for movements in the grid. I...
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    Ok, how about cyrillic or non-ANSI codepage? I press 'Я', but
    String.fromCharCode returns 'Z'
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    I discovered, there is no direct event 'keypress' in grid.
    My task is to handle good's titles typing in focused grid, and search them in grid on typing.
    I think, using of KeyMap is not suitable, as...
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    What ideas of realizing fixed summary row for grid, which is docked in bottom of a grid, or optionally under header of a grid?
  8. Here is my example. I've just customized standart example of grid cell editing from

    var grid =...
  9. I have the trouble - 'itemkeydown' doesn't fires - nor in the Ext.grid.View, nor using your example with controller. Could you help me with full working example? By the way, 'containerkeydown' works...
  10. Thank's fo your clearify. I was tired to war with such behaviour!
    Let's me repeat the idea of loading trees from packets, with nested tree data:

    success: true,
    data : [
  11. Hi! What is your progress in such significant work for Ext 4?
    I suppose, this feature should be configurable - showing summary either in top or at bottom of grid.
    I'll be very lickely if there is a...
  12. I've found that my forms doesn't properly loads from server by baseForm.load() method in some cases.
    I've discovered that all this cases take place when the Form has its field "length"

    What is...
  13. I've solved it through grid's "keypress" event. I didn't found other way to react keyboard events.
  14. Here is a standart example of grid with Numeric column:
    The bug is that editor of this numeric column disables arrows, backspace,...
  15. There is a standart example of using CheckColumn in grid:
    All looks fine, but how to enable feature of toggling the state of this...
  16. Somebody, help!
  17. I've plug GridSummary to my Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel as a top-row. Very well!
    I have a Grid with 10 columns and fixed with. So, there appears a horizontal scrollbar.
    But as you see in attachement,...
  18. Thank's for your replies. It seems to me the problem is really more complex, and depends not only on ExtJS.

    Yes, I think this is the solution. I must calculate the sizes of FormPanel and then set...
  19. Good day, megaprogers!
    I wanna open Window with formpanel as it's content.
    FormPanel may have dynamicall items (depending on user permission), so I don't know real width & height.
    How should I set...
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    Thank's dj!
    Simply initializing Ext.WindowMgr.zfeed = 12000 helped me
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    It seems to me you are opening new window with existing id!
    I have the same trouble..
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    Somebody help!
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    Hello! I'm using editorGridPanel.
    I have a column whith twintrigger editor.
    I've binded a click event to it's [..] trigger button - it opens a Window with FormPanel.
    The problem is - why does...
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    thank's, LaurentParis, It seems like what I want..
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    Put your forms in an array and use for loop then =p
    Yeah.. I did it in such manner, but I think the best idea is using events.
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