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  1. hello

    I have found problem, tread can closed
  2. Sorry this is correct config:
    queryMode:'local', ...
  3. I have a problem with combobox with typeahead and forceselection, if I type first letter, the text is reset and i must type first lettter again. This is config of combo:
    { xtype:'combo',
  4. I have innerHtml but I have problem with parse.
    Is any function like Ext.query() to find node by id but to use on variable not on document?

    best regards
  5. Hello

    How to get item which is in htmlEditor?
    I can't select div with id='test' which is in htmlEditor,
    Ext.query('#test') doesn't work, i think because htmlEditor it's iframe.

    How can I...
  6. It's works, you are great

    Thanks a lot again
  7. I have the same problem,
    have you any fix for this problem?

  8. I have a problem with droping to TreeNode which have in title html tags, for exaple <b></b> <span></span>
    OnNodeOver on title I have notAllowed Status, but on icon or on background <div> I have...
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