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    Bug with Column Resizing


    What a wonderful grid filter! I just plugged it into my own grid and it works fine. Thank you for sharing.

    There is just one problem: when I resize the columns, there is a bug: the...
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    When using Ivanblanc's 4.0 port, I get "b is undefined" error

    Ivanblanc, thank you very much for posting a version of the search plugin for 4.0.
    When I view my grid, the search box is visible. However, when I enter a search term and hit enter, nothing...
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    B is Undefined

    I'm encountering the same thing.

    Thanks for the link to the Ajax Manual, but this error is not listed in that documentation.
  4. Would a Ext JS Version 2.0 Grid need a major rewrite to work in 4.0?

    Hi there;

    I found a really sweet tutorial on this site that has a grid that works with a backend Mysql database and feeds the data to the grid with JSON. ...
  5. Ext Designer created Grid doesn't load data into Datastore

    Hello everyone,

    I've been trying to use Ext Designer to build a grid I found in the tutorials for Ext JS. The tutorial works fine, but when I try to build it in Designer my Data Store doesn't...
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