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  1. Anyone know how to get rid of it?
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    Seems like /sass/example/bootstrap.json requires

    Removing all references to tab.panel causes the build to take an extra long time to put it back.

    Then it goes back to obscurely...
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    The error can be found by running with --debug

    building scss file ../../../build/temp/production/test/sass/test-all.scss
    unknown definition for mixin named extjs-tab-panel-ui :...
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    When I create app-ass.css as "@import 'app-all_01.css';@import 'app-all_02.css'; life goes back to normal.

    Otherwise, app-all.css is a zero byte file.

    I started with the sample app, and changed...
  5. The charcoal package must "extend": "theme-neptune".

    Not "ext-theme-neptune".

    As documented in the release notes, perfect.

    Thank you very much for answering, Mitch.
  6. I did by chance.
    Thanks for noticing.

    app.json is a guessing game.

    When I do that I get

    Saving slicer widget manifest to...
  7. This no longer works. I wonder why.

    // Generate workspace
    sencha -sdk ../../../../sencha/6.0.0/ generate workspace ./beta6

    // Generate theme package
    sencha generate package -type theme...
  8. Yes. You did just admit to perjury ("I never had any issues with Cmd.")
  9. Hard to believe.
  10. I think you are talking about playing with basePath, indexHtmlPath, base and path in the output section (per build). Look in app.json

    "production": {
    "indexHtmlPath": "",

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    I just want to see the neutral theme. I know I won't be using...
  12. I'm sorry to see Don's answer, and I hope he will pay attention to Evant's comment:

    "This would certainly be useful to have documented as part of the theme, if it isn't already."

  13. +1 for releasing a clean build.

    It is possible that one of those warnings is intended for me. After some time, I will never see it.

    The longer you continue, the less I look, the higher the...
  14. My dynamic theme json manifests brun.json and rouge.json manifests contain the same line:

    "css": [
    {"path": "bh/aw/build/production/bone/resources/bone-all.css"}

  15. Has anyone discovered what causes Cmd to drop the json extension when loading a manifest dynamically?

    Instead of "brun.json" or "rouge.json" the network panel shows only "brun" or rouge".
  16. Should have looked harder.
  17. Nobody has answered his question, nor is it clearly defined or obviously related.

    But he says he resolved his issue by deleting before building.

    I too have had weird issues resolved by deleting...
  18. I create two simple themes in a workspace (like charcoal, just two different colors).

    I have a generated app, and I modify app.json:

    "builds": {
    "brun": {
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

    So really, all the hype about sencha's marvelous device portability and mobile readiness has (yet another) Big Fat Hole in it?


    Maybe it...
  20. You are supposed to figure it out for yourself.
    It's a freaking nightmare we've been living with since the inception of Cmd.

    Their answer is that there is no one size fits all.
    So they've...

    1. Add a compress option to the microloader config in the output config. Let us decide.

    2. Address confusion over "index.html" determining both path and file name. The...
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    Trying to stay current and implement responsive styling.

    Current thinking seems to favor EM over PX.

    I need my extJS stylesheet to be compatible with my website.

    Obviously em/px is a problem...
  23. From app.json. This generates the microloader separately (embed=false)

    Used to be always uncompressed, now it is always compressed, look for that switch to change or be surfaced in app.json or...
  24. Solution for me:

    A copy or move or checkin or checkout dropped the entire .sencha folder from my package.

    Dunno when where who what how, but the symptom was "Failed to resolve package".
  25. Me too.

    In this case I am playing with minimal sencha generated apps. It's not dot notation vs hyphens for me.

    I had neglected to require 'Ext.plugin.Responsive'

    Smells to me like a...
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