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  1. It's not wok for me.

    I change like this. but it's not fix. You have any ideal for this.

  2. And buttom i set algin right. Now, it...


    buttom i set algin right. Now, it doesn't affect.
    Before i set data for container by setData method. It's has data. Now, It's blank page.
    I used confirm alert box to has a textfield to...
  3. layouts using flex seems to be broken in latest chrome

    My Chrome has just auto updated itself to 29.0.1547.57. Now all the layouts with flex config are broken. With Safari and with Sencha Architect's built in browser it's all good.
    I wonder if I am the...
  4. Hi dwardwell...

    Hi dwardwell,

    Can you tell me where i can download it "".

    thanks for reading.
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