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  1. Similar Probelm

    I have proeprty grid with refresh button in the header and all the fields made read only using "Display Field". When the user sets focus in one of the row for value column in the property grid and...
  2. Button handler not triggered, when focus is on button and Return/Enter key is pressed

    I have a window with a form.. The form has the toolbar that contain multiple buttons for "Save", "Cancel", "Reset".

    When the focus is set on one of the buttons by using Key boards "Tab" key and ...
  3. Dynamic css to tree grid rows

    I tried to do this in tree grid. but it is not working. I have overriden the method in the tree view. I

    By the way I am using Sencha Architect and it does not allow to add gridview to tree grid....
  4. Accordion with mutliple Panels


    Even I have similar requirement.

    An accordion consisting of multiple property grids. And another accordin consisting of multiple tree grids.

    How do I achieve these two requirements. I...
  5. I am using Sencha Architect and I dont see any...

    I am using Sencha Architect and I dont see any config to do this. Is there a way of doing this Architect in latest ext js ?
  6. Thanks Aconran it worked !!

    Thanks Aconran, it worked , but a follow up question!

    I need to show any Icon, which is dynamic, and title and an edit, collapse button should be shown in the header.

    Icon and Title should...
  7. header in Init Component?

    I am completely new Ext JS and SA, How do you add "header" in the initComponent in Sencha Architect

    [Edited] : It works thanks, ssamayoa . You really saved my day !!
  8. Is ther any way doing in Architect

    I am looking for the same thing . I have custom header for a Panel, where I have to an Icon, a custom Menu and collapse Icon on the header.

    Is there any way of achieving this SA?
  9. Is there any work around for this bug

    Is this fixed in 4.2.x? I am suing 4.2.x and I am still seeing the same issue. Is there any work around for this

    I am not using any forms inside the Accordion yet, but still see the same...
  10. Even I am having the same issue, any updates or...

    Even I am having the same issue, any updates or work arounds for this issue
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