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  1. Which cell was clicked?


    How do you tell which cell was clicked using the select event? That was the first thing I tried, but if the columns are rearranged, can you still know which fieldName was clicked based...
  2. While admittedly, this is not the greatest...

    While admittedly, this is not the greatest solution, I was able to get the text value of a cell by listening to the cellclick event.

    Ext.create('Ext.grid.Panel', {
    viewConfig: {
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    [INFOREQ] Same thing in Win7

    Same thing happened to me. After upgrading, whenever I try to open up my project, I get a window saying "An undexpected error occurred prior to upgrading. Please report this on the forums. Note your...
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    calling user-defined functions

    I'm about 3 days into trying out Sencha. Here's how I got around it.

    In the application's launch function, I defined a function like so:

    TestLogin.basicFunc = function(cookieName)
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