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  1. PS C:\Projects\platformscExtJS5\app> sencha app build
    Sencha Cmd v5.1.3.60
    [INF] Processing Build Descriptor : default
    [INF] Loading app json manifest...
    [INF] Appending content to...
  2. That kind of issues could be detected by statically analyzing the code when Sencha Cmd execute. Similar issue here ->
  3. I, a paying customer, have been told by Sencha that this will not be fixed in 5.1.x but only in 6.0.0, which has no known release date.
  4. Anyone know if this issue can happen on Windows 7 or the touch feature started only on Windows 8.x ?
  5. fyi: I have opened Sencha ticket 22563.
  6. fyi: I have opened Sencha support ticket 22715 for this bug EXTJS-17485.
  7. Using

    You can reproduce by moving the scrollbar, then click reconfigure, and repeat using latest Chrome on Windows:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read...
  8. The workaround does fix something in the Fiddle and in my real application. However, in my real application, but not in the Fiddle, I still have empty rows showing up when I start to scroll up....
  9. One of our customer did get the
    Uncaught TypeError: view.getScrollable(...).setElementSize is not a function

    With stack error matching:

    if (view.touchScroll) { ...
  10. I'm using Chrome on Windows.

    I just tried with 2 different computers and got the same issue in less than 10 seconds.

    I tried with IE11, and latest Firefox, and it's working fine on both.
  11. My application with this bug will hit production in 24 hours. I tried a workaround like calling grid.reconfigure() but that doesn't help, also doLayout doesn't fix that.A workaround would be...
  12. I'm using latest Chrome on Windows. Two kind of top floating header shows-up, when the less tall version shows-up the dialog for 'Insert Image' disappear.

    When it's the tall version of the...
  13. I have a Sencha ticket for this since December 12, 2014. Is this too hard to fix for Sencha or grid are not important enough?
  14. Is this that hard to fix or grid is not important enough for Sencha?
  15. I edited my post. The problem is with edit images. I wrote the wrong thing probably because in this version it seems now that images are also becoming attachments... So when you try to delete an...
  16. The forum just got a downgrade. There are too many issues to mentions, but the one really annoying is that trying to edit a post by images is significantly impacted by the floating top toolbar. There...
  17. Using latest nightly build, and latest Chrome, with the following Fiddle:
    Open left panel
    Scroll down the grid a little
    Click tab [Custom Title]
  18. On Chrome but not on IE11, when coming back to another tab while the grid last row was completely visible, it's not completely visible, anymore, almost the previous last row is the one that seems to...
  19. This is NOT fixed anymore. I can reproduce in production with latest Chrome version with my app and same Fiddle above with latest nightly build.Should I start another thread?
  20. Replies
    I have opened support ticket 22247 on March 27, 2015, hoping this get resolved soon.
  21. Status of EXTJS-17254 is OPEN (Pending Dev Verification). which is the bug number that was attached to this thread before, see...
  22. Workaround:

    listeners: {
    afterrender: function () {
  23. Opened Sencha ticket 22400 to get this resolved in a timely fashion.
  24. My concern is that I need a bug number that represent my issue to request a fix in 5.1.1.
  25. The following comment under CACHE MANIFEST: # f1afc0edff32327fd8488ae7d9b0b04009aacabdIs not updated between build for me, which is super huge issue. That make the browser believe nothing changed.I...
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