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  1. Yes I did have one, so I deleted it.

    Now in Architect, when I set library to touch, I do get a local touch directory but my published app continues to look for touch in a parent directory.

  2. Looking at the sticky thread for "Using Cmd workspaces with Sencha Architect"

    Is there any way to essentially reset the app in architect and force it to use its own touch framework directory.
  3. I ran the sencha diag show from my app directory and saw following. I don't see ../touch for framework.

    Sencha Cmd v5.0.2.250
    [WRN] Did not locate framework package
    [INF] ...
  4. I have done more research and for some reason, my codegen.json hasa framework path of ../touch

    This seems to be my issue, and I cannot figure out how to force architect to look fro the framework...
  5. I have been battling architect, trying to get publish and build to work. The default setting for library base path for me is ../touch. which is of course is parent to my app directory.

    When I...
  6. MG,

    OK I did as you suggested and SA created the required files. It seems as though Sencha is defaulting to placing touch files in parent directory. I have not manually set up workspaces... but...
  7. Jerry,

    I have made a bit more progress. The Publish works OK, but the build is still the issue. I looked closely at that the LOG for the build process. It seems that Sencha architect is...
  8. Yes that is the full path where I am storing my sencha architect 3.1 project. I am in fact missing build.xml, I copied one in from a prior version of the app and that did NOT solve problem. still get...
  9. Update, I seem to be missing build.xml. is that a standardized file? How can I force that to be created? not sure why that would be gone???
  10. [DBG] adding service server extension commands for sencha
    [DBG] extending 'sencha' with command 'com.sencha.command.rpc.SerivceCommands'
    [DBG] adding service server extension commands for...
  11. Jerry,

    Yes I did see the other thread on this issue and verified that they are the same. One promising thing I found was my build.settings file looked a bit off. I think you might find this...
  12. Using Architect 3.1, running Windows 7

    My app publishes fine and I can see it in browser no issues.

    After publishing, I try building the web app, It says "Application Build completed"

  13. By adjusting my library base path

    from default which is ../touch/

    to ./touch/

    I am able to get the touch directory to appear in my apps save directory. So I think I am making some...
  14. I have installed Sencha Architect 3.1 and am working on a new project. Running Windows 7.

    I have started a touch 2.3x project (single panel) and am able to save, and publish. Accessing from...
  15. I spent more time troubleshooting.

    1) Framework is Sencha Touch 2.3
    2) Yes I am referring to the style config, and doing my testing on an Ext.container
    3) testing on both chrome and IE...
  16. Not sure what I am doing wrong... when I create a top level container, mark it as initial view, and use Style object to set background color and border thickness/color, I can see these configs take...
  17. Replies

    Thanks, if I do download and install a fresh copy of 2.2, is there a way for me to transfer my license to the new version? Or do I need to ultimately do an upgrade of the installed 2.1 copy....
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    Any idea as to when Architect 2.1 users will see the auto update for 2.2

    Figured I would check back...


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    Just wondering.


  20. Phil,

    OK, I found the viewport component in architect 2. I was able to get the panel to display in the viewport without having to label any panel as "initial view." I added a viewport to the...
  21. Phil,

    Thanks for your help, it was nice to progress, JJohnston was right, and he clued me in to the autocreate option which helped me get further. but then I get the viewport message (see below). ...
  22. Thanks so much for the quick reply. I used your advise and was able to get the second panel to render.

    In order for this to work, I updated the controller reference for the panel2 to check...
  23. Using Architect 2, I have been able to create controllers, references (using ID), and controller actions. I run into trouble when I create two peer panels (panel1 and panel2) in the project. Neither...
  24. Using Architect 2, I have been able to create controllers, references (using ID), and controller actions. I run into trouble when I create two peer panels (panel1 and panel2) in the project. Neither...
  25. Architect uses output location defined within Settings Publish Path.

    I used this to create a file set that I then included within a Phonegap 2.2 project. Actually worked very nicely.

    BTW, I had...
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