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  1. I coded Sencha Touch app in Windows.
    Used SDK , command, "sencha generate app", "sencha package blah-blah" .
    Finally I got "" folder. (If I got it right - this is ready for "deployment on...
  2. Is it possible to change text color in Ext.button?
  3. To display records sorted ASC/DESC I need to click on grid's header to "pop-up" menu with sort items.
    But before to do sort , I'd like to be able to "check/uncheck" "Show in groups" checkbox in my...
  4. I'd like to have something like "Processing..." which appears, blinks few seconds and dissapear.Can anybody recommend me how to create or may be existing in ExtJS
  5. In Java we create class:

    class MyClass{

    String name; // <-- instance variable

    MyClass(String name) { // <-- constructor;
  6. I have a code which creates window with grid and button. Grid doesn't have any "editing" .
    I'd like to add that plugin to grid when I click on button.

    Ext.onReady(function() {

  7. what can I get from third parameter eOpts ?
  8. Yes, if container ( in this case Panel ) has enough width , tool-bar displays all in it correctly;

    But if container has smaller width
    What can be done to kind of "Zoom IN" all...
  9. Is there any way to set align of gridpanel title to "center" ?

    items :[
    { xtype:'gridpanel',
    title:'First Name',
  10. Locking Grid Column shown here
    If I put into container another ScrollBar like this:

    I'd like to be able to scroll...
  11. Replies
    Lets say we have a JavaScript function:

    function aCall(){
    var ret=false;
    Ext.Ajax.Request(){ ....
    success: {ret=true;}
  12. I think I should use kind of grid .
    I need to have a "pagination" functionality (next page/end buttons and previous/first buttons) and possibility to switch to "row display mode" when many...
  13. Yes, code is working, but for me SYNTAX is a bit unusual
  14. The same way like I'd have it done in Java:

    class ComRomMB extends ExtWindowMessageBox{ }
    ComRomMB comRomMb= new ComRomMB();;

    And here is Ext code:

  15. Pleaseeeeee , small/micro syntax example , pleaseee !
  16. what is syntax to "call show with config object" please?
  17. I just simply want create my class , which is the same like MessageBox:

    Ext.define('com.rom.MB', {
    extend : 'Ext.window.MessageBox'

    create "instance" of that class:
    var r=...
  18. This code will not show 2 modal msg boxes, it will show only one.

    Ext.onReady(function(){'Title', 'but1');'Title', 'but2');
    Is there any way to get modal...
    title:'Save Changes?',
    msg: 'Your are closing a tab that has unsaved changes. Would you like to save your changes?',
    buttons: Ext.Msg.YESNOCANCEL,
    fn: processResult,...
  20. Should I use different version ExtJS ? (I use 4.0.2 )
    This doesn't work :
    var s = Ext.String.repeat('---', 4);
  21. .
  22. This is code:


    store1 = new{ autoLoad: true,
    fields : [ 'id', 'descr' ],
    data : [[ 'AL', 'Alabama' ], [ 'AK', 'Alaska' ], [ 'AZ', 'Arizona'...
  23. Lets say, we have a HTML page with paragraphs, "h1"s , "div"-s etc. Is there any way to insert a, lets say< "datefield" component
    somewhere into HTML?
  24. Sorry , may be it becomes ??? , but I got confused :
    I put that code into listeners ( as u can c in code above ) I defined store and created it and panel
    with combo in application. Combo has...
  25. I see my servlet responds to request.
    that is not working also;;
    It seems to be simple task - but ???...
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