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  1. I had this issue, and it went away after I added the Store to the 'stores' array of my application config.
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    I loaded the store with fields

    fields: [
  3. I've noticed the same thing. My chrome version is
    18.0.1025.7 dev-m

    It appears that the labels are not being positioned correctly.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Tool tips don't seem to be working on Ext.panel.Tool components.
    In the following code example, the button renders a tool tip on mouseover, however the top bar tool and the header tool both do not....
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    Nice trick!
  7. Can anyone point me at an example of the necessary CSS and Javascript tweaks necessary to allow text wrapping in a specific grid column header. I imagine one has to somehow add a css class to the...
  8. I have a test application where I define a container extension containing a chart.
    I then have a menu system that on click of the corresponding menu item, a close-able tab is created with the xtype...
  9. I have a TreePanel with selection events doing some other loader stuff on other components. The Tree also has a Context Menu. When the context menu is invoked with a right click, it also triggers a...
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    Is "dataindex" the same as (at least in BaseModelData) the property name?
    e.g. It would be semantically correct to say


    The ModelData property names are an artifact...
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    I did something similar. I built a new ColumnModel and called reconfigure on the grid on data configuration change, and then called "layout" on the parent container.
    I am pretty sure you need a new...
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    I am unfamiliar with the term "dataindex" in relation to GXT xtemplates. Spaces work perfectly fine as ModelData property names, but the xtemplate likely needs to handle some type of regular grammar...
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    XTemplate doesn't evaluate if the variables name has spaces

    <span style="font:bold 12px;color:red">{MY CODE}</span>
    It just returns the template code directly.

    If I replace variable spaces...
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    It seems I missed the JsonPagingLoadResultReader, which uses pretty much the same overrides (but better!).
    There exists an illustrative example in the Buffered Grid example source code.
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    Hopefully, this will save others time in the dubugger!

    When implementing Paging with JsonReader and MemoryProxy it turns out that the JSONReader needs it's "createReturnData" method overridden so...
  16. Thanks, although it was Sencha's approach that I just made use of. You did say Image+ClickHandler-> was the "easiest" approach. Thanks for the help!
  17. Returning new Image Objects (all using the same click handler) seemed to give me some poor performance, So I took a note from CheckBoxSelectionModel, and just returned a place holder element that can...
  18. To accomplish something similar without a plugin:
  19. I would like to build a column model Grid component plugin that displays an icon image from it's renderer, and has an onclick event that will "popup" another component aligned to the bottom left of...
  20. Is it possible to have a HTTPProxy "load config" object create multiple request parameters with the same parameters name?

    e.g. The desired generated URL is:
    (so Java Servlet...
  21. I had a bit of trouble extending content panel with top and bottom components :-? and came to the realization that top and bottom components cannot be set after the parent class's onRender has been...
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