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  1. Thank you Doug, appreciate that.
  2. i am trying to convert a 1.1 project over to 2.0 and i have to confess it is not going at all well. i am finding it very confusing on how things are laid out.

    The accordion control is not...
  3. ... and that was the missing piece! You are a genius!

    Did i miss that in the documentation anywhere?

    Working beautifully. Now i can sleep at night
  4. Man this library has come on so much i love it!

    One question/problem I have.

    I have accordion in a standard "complex" layout arrangement. Its in the EAST panel. Everything is cool on the...
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    Animal this is indeed a thing of beauty.

    I have hit into a wee problem; i am dragging between two DDView and when i drop i get:

    r has no properties
    [Break on this error] var dup =...
  6. Thanks aconran for your suggestion -- a textarea trick is one i have used elsewhere, but never thought of it here.

    Unfortunately it made no difference. Although if it helps, if i look at Template...
  7. The original thread is here with all the simple code to reproduce:

    If this is a case of me not using the "new" DataView correctly then please...
  8. Definitely a bug -- i included the View.js from the source/legacy directory and replaced this line and the whole thing burst into life.

    I shall report this thread in the Bugs forum

  9. I think maybe this is a bug in Ext2.0 as oppose to something i am doing wrong.

    If I add two records, then only one blank template is rendered. If i inspect the object in Firebug, i see two...
  10. I am moving from 1.1 to 2.0 and sadly the path isn't going smoothly. Code no longer works due to the removal of the "View" object from the Ext family.

    Here is the new updated code, but it no...
  11. Don't ya just love it when you answer your own question.

    i have an extra CSS style in there: position: relative.

    CSS --- gotta watch for that one!
  12. Been developing in FireFox and Opera, and everything going very well.

    I have a <div> tag that holds a list of images that is filled in dynamically.

    This <div> tag has a fixed height, and...
  13. aaah sometimes the most obvious is indeed the answer!

    I thought there was some other way of applying the generic object to the rich object.

  14. Okay, i am sure i am missing something really dumb here.

    The whole remote JSON procedure i am very comfortable with. You effectively have a colleciton of data that is represented as a single...
  15. TinyMCE is better than FCKEditor in the sense it doesn't have the annoying <br> / <p> problem when it comes to new lines.

    HOWEVER -- it is a complete bit*h to get to work with ExtJS without a lot...
  16. I am confused. Isn't Ext2.0 using your Accordion Saki?

    Has Jack gone and ignored your efforts and implemented his own?
  17. I would second the motion for a maxHeight property.

    I have tried setting the body to a custom CSS with a max-height and overflow set, but i am getting some funky results when the infopanel is...
  18. Thanks Animal its getting clearer!

    So "myObj" can be used as a scope reference inside the inner functions to make sure i am referencing the right level?

    I take it then, it can be used...
  19. Okay thank you for the replies.

    So in my example here, myObj, that isn't an instance is it? Surely thats just a place holder, or object type? In much the same way as defining a class in java.
  20. I am getting into a right old mess here. When i think i have JS sussed, i find myself locked out of field members etc. I am long term OO programmer and java developer, but i cannot yet figure out...
  21. In my sample page -- the problem is that your demo page, you have turned on the ability for all your info panels to be draggable. If you turn this off, so they can't be moved, then you should see it...
  22. I have more information here.

    Say I have:

    acc.add(new Ext.InfoPanel('panel-1', {trigger:'title',collapsed:true, draggable:false}));

    Then if it simply move the panel a little bit, (very...
  23. Jsakalos, this is a beautiful piece of code and works beautifully. You are a credit and inspiration to the power open source brings to a project.

    I have been playing with it and it is very solid....
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    Okay now my next problem is closing/cancelling the DatePicker; how can i do this cleanly?

    The user has to click a date to close it down, otherwise it stays up forever!

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    Here is what i hacked together for this:

    <div id="datepicker" style="z-index: 9999; position:absolute;"></div>

    // calls this function logic:

    var divTag = Ext.get('datepicker');
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