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  1. solution here:
  2. Hi guys,

    I have this problem about adding a scrollbar to an Ext.Tip like this one:

    var tip = new Ext.Tip({
    header: true,
    collapsible: true,
    width: 350
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    The solution was to simply take the protocol outside the formPanel and use "protocol.options.url = newUrl;"
  4. The solution was simply to take the protocol outside the formPanel and use "protocol.options.url = newUrl;", thanks willigogs for support ;)
  5. The solution was to simply take the protocol outside the formPanel and use "protocol.options.url = newUrl;", thanks willigogs for support ;)
  6. thanks willigogs for the answer, this is happening in the code:

    searchformPanel.protocol.url = newUrl;

    should set a new url in the url of the protocol of the formPanel (ie....
  7. I did a cleaner post about this, please check here:
  8. How can I overwrite the url of OpenLayers.Protocol.HTTP? I tried


    and it works (checked with console.log), but at the end the original url is sent (in the...
  9. Hi Willigogs

    sorry for my late answer to your last message. After checking with illuminations (because firebug is already installed), I noticed that the new searchformPanel.protocol (3rd...
  10. I tested your suggestion and this is the result:

    this is formPanel: [object Object]

    this is 1st formPanel.protocol: null

    this is 2nd formPanel: [object Object]

    TypeError: o.protocol is...
  11. yeah in fact that could be the problem, how could I solve that? in the handler putting after var proto doesn't solve the problem btw
  12. Thank you willigogs for the idea, I tried it but I'm getting this error:

    TypeError: o.protocol is null and it points to the SearchAction.js (line 122).

    I'm sure this is because
    var proto =...
  13. Hi all,

    I've been scratching my head over this and I'm wondering if this is possible. I want to replace the protocol of the GeoExt.form.FormPanel in the following way:

    1. to render the...
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    getting closer... because adding
    OpenLayers.loadURL(myurl, {}, null, function(response){}); in the handler function sents the url to XMLHttpRequest.js (right place), but just immediately another...
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    So, before the url must be sent in the first place, I need to change it, how could I do it? pls help, thanks
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    I'm working with Ext/GeoExt/OpenLayers, so this is like a mixed question, but I'm pretty sure ExtJS has to be very important on this issue. I've been trying to replace correctly an url in...
  17. sorry for that, I did a mistake here, I had problems with my account and was modifying this thread, in somehow I forgot to keep working on this, that was before Xstmas, I'll update it, danke für Ihre...
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  24. so I need to set the "col" and "str" variables in the same place the url is located?? how could I do that? I though every variable has to be set outside another variable. In the code, the url is...
  25. Many thanks jorgeluislay and willigogs, I appreciate your support on this, this is the new code after adding your suggestions:

    // var col = Ext.getCmp("column").getValue();
    // var str =...
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