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  1. After upgraded Sencha Cmd to the latest version v6.0.0.202 on Mac, I found an issue with the generated app.json in production build. It doesn't have any hash version for js and css files even you set...
  2. I'm testing my app with ST 2.4 on NOKIA Lumia 520 (Windows Phone 8.1) but ST reports it is Android Phone. is undefined is true

    Looks like this phone has...
  3. One more issue, value of input text should be left aligned with the bottom line in the fieldset.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to mention this problem happens with Cupertino (iOS 7) theme.
    I've just modified the code for test case 2 to remove the red border styling. It should not be there.
    Please take a...
  5. CSS Cupertino Theme- Double bottom borders on FieldSet with hidden fields


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.3.1
  6. My application was working fine with ST 2.1.0 but after upgrading to ST 2.2.0, it's not working properly on iOS 4.3.3.
    After loading and rendering the UI, the app doesn't response to touch event....
  7. Root cause of this bug might be the animation effect on the back event.
    I tested on the desktop and found the list view was applied style with "-webkit-transform".
    I added "back" listener to the...
  8. Kitchen Sink application crashed and shown a blank screen after couple times tap/double tap on the Back button


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2 GA
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    I've just found the root cause of this bug.
    I've put an extra <script> tag before the HTML5 <!DOCTYPE html> declaration.
    I corrected it by put the HTML5 declaration <!DOCTYPE html> on the very...
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    I got the same issue here with v2.0.0
  11. I got the same problem and found a way to fix it...Not sure this is a correct fix or not..but it works for me.

    Ext.override(Ext.tip.ToolTip, {
    onDocMouseDown: function(e) {
    var me =...
  12. Add this property to your checkbox items

    isFieldLabelable: false

    It will help to fix that problem

    Nghia Do
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