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  1. You mean a click does something on the image only, but not on the rest of the combo item?
    Hm, this would be my approach:

    comboBox.getEl().on('click', function(event, target) {
    if(target ==...
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    Sorry, I dont support 4.0.7.
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    This is not right anymore. See!/api/
    Keyword: Controller event domain.
  4. Thank You, thats right of course.
  5. Hy there,
    if I am defining a custom string in the config panel of a component it is stored as plain variable in my component. If I am defining an object it goes into the applyIf Block of the...
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    Ah ok.
    Eine physikalische Zusammenkunft wird eher schwierig, da ich mich im Schwabenland befinde ;)
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    gibt es diese Usergroup noch?
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    @Michael H:
    I don't understand your Problem. Both links are working.
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    Hy all,
    there is a new Version for Ext 4.1 out:

    thank you for your patience
  10. I got here by google on searching the same issue for Extjs 4.
    The solution for ExtJs4 is the listConfig entry:

    xtype: 'combobox',
    anchor: '100%',
    listConfig: {
  11. Version:
    SA 2.1.0 Build 678

    A handler method of a grid action column gets the wrong parameters.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Add a handler method to an ActionColumn by clicking the...
  12. On working with SA I am missing actually the possibility to write down notes / comments to the project or to single components. Actually its only possible to write down comments in own methods, or...
  13. It would be nice if one can see directly in the project inspector which classes are overridden. For example by modifying the icon in front of the class name, or by changing the typo of the class name.
  14. Build: 640

    In an ext js project I have included a css resource with url "main.css".

    Now I have modified the css file in sencha architect, and want to append a GET Parameter v=1 to ensure...
  15. Hello Sencha Team,
    in Sencha Architect the model validators are actually added in the project inspector to the same hierarchical level as the field itself.
    The linking between field and...
  16. Architect Build tested:

    Build: 640

    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.1

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    Another Solution see in:
  18. This solution makes usage of the Form Field native validation features.
    For using this feature, set a attribute "model" in the Form Panel with either the model classname, or the Model Class itself....
  19. Ok I added a
    this.masked = false after triggering the load event in the stores unmask function, et voila: everything works as expected.
    The problem was, that after the grid was masked once: the...
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    Hy stevil, you should add

    this.masked = false

    after firing the load event. I had issues without that.
  21. Hy Mitchell, sorry for the long time. I had a workaround so the thing got out of my head, but I stumbled over another bug in this context.

    First an answer to your question for a test case:
  22. Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7-gpl

    In the beforeload Handler is defined with this parameters:
    beforeload( store,
  23. No one the same Problems?
  24. Hy twaindev, thank you for the hint.
    This is only a copy and paste error in the reduced example here for the forum. In the real case example its all fine. I have corrected my original post.
  25. Hy there,
    in a small MVC app my Model Files wont be loaded automatically by the Loader.
    After successfully loading the Store Files, there is triggered the JS Error "me.model is undefined".
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