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    I don't have time to test your example just yet...but it should be quite easy to adapt. A quick check seems that the response is JSON and not JSONP (I didn't see a callback at the start, before the...
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    It's still not clear exactly what you yo mean when you tap on a carousel item, another image appears on top floating (as a popup?). Of so that should be fairly easy....
  3. Check out firebase too...they have social login options and it is really easy to setup. With a few lines of code you can have a login and realtime database the cloud
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    The best plugin for Wordpress to Sencha integration is probably 'JSON API'. Install that then you can call stuff with this link:

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    Do you have access to the tiles / images that are making up the 3D image? If you do, I would recommend running the images through PNGOptimizer (if you are on Windows: (')...
  6. Amazing, thanks you rock :-)

    I think I understand scope much better's allowing the referencing of the outer function in the controller inside the swipe function. Here's the code that...
  7. I suspected it was, I've been reading up a fair bit about scope but it's not so easy! The slide function gets called fine on tap of course:

    SidebarTap: function(dataview, index, target,...
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    I tried to view the demo but I get this error inn the console:
    Error evaluating with message: ReferenceError: Can't find variable: size360Are you able to fix?
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    Hard to say without seeing any code...but have you tried appgyver steroids to build it? Phone gap compatible but meant to be faster...
  10. I've been having some fun building yet another side menu but this time using the built-in Ext.Anim and Transform3D CSS properties. So far so good, it works (my intention is to be able to make it easy...
  11. Couldn't you use an itemTpl somehow, maybe on a component with an inline button, something like:
    <span class="my button">{dynamicbuttontextfromstore}</span>?

    This is using a list:

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    'Doesn't work' is not a very descriptive answer. Why doesn't it work, what are the errors in the console and how are you implementing it with some example code etc.

    The likelihood here is that it...
  13. What do you get in your console when you try this before container.remove?
    var innerItems = container.getInnerItems();console.log(innerItems);

    Try this instead:...
  14. I'm not much help I'm afraid as don't have much experience with localstorage...have you tried removing the 'ID' field from your model and trying again? I've read several posts saying the id field can...
  15. Have you tried setting the local storage proxy on the model instead?

    How are your items IDs shown in chrome? Are they in order etc or random?

    { name: "id", type: "int" },

    I don't...
  16. I's a bit weird. This code also works in fiddle but has the same issue when downloaded. Not sure why...?

    name : 'Fiddle',

    launch : function() {
  17. This works for me (I use a separate class):

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyTabPanel', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
  18. Same here, has the same issue as your screen grab. If you add this to the CSS:

    height:10px; works as expected so perhaps you must set a height...
  19. Do you have a link to the fiddle to download and test on localhost? Wonder if it has something to do with the css classes...hard to know without testing

  20. Thanks for the speedtip...quick question do you add this function on a painted event on your navigation view, or do you have it on initialisation?

    Incidentally, I recently read that blog post by...
  21. There are plenty on here (ignore the old ones from 2011 as they use Sencha Touch 1)...your best bet would probably be to use the Youtube API which can return a JSON feed that has the videos that you...
  22. I agree with you, it should not be up to us...and why does Sencha create so many DOM items? I'm not sure.

    You are creating your view the standard way for the nav view...I too have seen performance...
  23. I've been using Ionic lately too to see how it compares and I like it, it does seem faster but there are also many things I don't like about it. I think Sencha is much more polished, feature rich and...
  24. If you go on Josh Morony's blog and you buy his tutorial 'How to build a sencha touch login system' it does exactly what you are after....including sync to local storage check so you can login...
  25. Also I have not compared performance between a separate store class vs inline data config....but I would suspect that having it inline would be a bit faster? Not sure if this would make a difference...
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