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  1. This component is now part of a Sencha Touch components bundle available on github at:

    I suggest you to clone the repository and look at the examples.
  2. Hello Patrick,
    thanks for your feedback and for reporting this issue.

    I will make sure that this will be fixed in the beta2 version.

    Since this repo is public, I really encourage you to create...
  3. Hi Godric,
    yes, I'm aware that the examples can require some times to load because, unfortunately the server where the website and these examples are hosted in located in Italy and it's not really...
  4. yes, it's fixed in the beta-2 release, but thank you for reporting that :)
  5. Hi Ron,
    the Editable List draggable feature is in my todo list already so I'll probably release it before the end of august.

    I'll keep you posted about that.
    Thank you for your feedback.
  6. Thank you guys for all your feedbacks!
    This is just the first beta and the bundle will grow with every new release.
    I still have a lot of other components that I need to complete is some local...
  7. Moving this thread in the Q&A forum.
  8. Thanks for reporting that.
    The website is under development so I still need to fix some issues.

    I suggest you to download the repo from:

    UPDATE: The...
  9. I'm glad to announce that the TUX components bundle has finally been released under GPL v3 license.
    Currently, no commercial license is available, I'll keep you posted about it, but contact me for...
  10. I'm glad to announce that the EditableList component has been completely rewritten and now released as part of a special custom components bundle under the GPL 3.0 license.

    Get more info about the...
  11. What about Argument Reality integration into hibrids Sencha Touch / PhoneGap apps using third party frameworks like Wikitude?
  12. Replies
    Check for ":"

    "<tpl if='phone == \":\"'>",

    "<tpl else>",

  13. It was possible in the past by simply adding a link in your app

    <a href="prefs:root=LOCATION_SERVICES">Location Services</a>

    However, Apple decided to get rid of this feature since IOS...
  14. I assume you are using List components to be able to show a number field for every item, correct?
    If so, could you please post the component code?
    You don't need to assign id to numberfields.
  15. In javascript you don't have access to the filesystem, so this is something you can't do using Sencha Touch only.
    You need to wrap your app into a native environment and use third party frameworks...
  16. It will be released under GPL 3 and commercial license.
  17. Yeah, we are aware of this and the page will be updated soon.
    However, is your problem fixed now that you have installed the latest Sencha Cmd version?
  18. I don't see it. Could you please tell me where you found it?!/api/

  19. The hash tag is specifically used to get components by their itemId configuration.
    There is a doc page on it:!/api/Ext.ComponentQuery
  20. There's no "cardswitch" event available for TabPanels.
    You should listen for the "activeitemchange" one.!/api/
  21. There is nothing weird with that, you are trying to get an undefined value:

    "data": [{
    "data": [{
    "Part": "1.75 L ICON (Glass)",
  22. Take a look at this PDF:
  23. Ext.Msg is just a global instance of an Ext.MessageBox component, so:

  24. I guess that's the are using a very obsolete Sencha Cmd...
    The latest available version is 3.0.2
  25. Which version of Sencha Cmd are you using to package your app?
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