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    This bug is still alive in version 4.2.3. For a product that costs minimum around $3000... nice job!
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    #1 on
  3. Hello guys,
    looking into the core code of I recognized that the store.isFiltered() function will probably always give "false" as answer for stores with enabled remote filtering.
  4. Thank you for the override.
  5. [4.2.3] Datefield picker closes on month or year selection


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.2.3
    Browsers tested:
  6. Hello Gary. Here´s the code you can use in Fiddle.

    name : 'Fiddle',

    launch : function() {
    Ext.widget('window', {
    autoShow: true,
  7. IExt version tested:

    Ext 4.2.3

    Browser versions tested against:

    Firefox, Chrome latest

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    Awesome! Glad to see some of the new features especially model form binding. Let´s try...
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    Hello, I found out, that inside a controller if I define a ref with a selector like
    refs: [{ref: 'mycomponent', selector: 'mycomponent{isVisible(true)}'}] the automatic generated getter delivers...
  10. Hello Gary.
    Thank you for your answer. They are submitting a boolean depending on their check state, but if I set a inputValue, I expect the JsonSubmit to use this value. But this is not happening....
  11. If I would be sure it is a bug.
  12. Thank you for your response. I already got a solution. But I think this should be fixed by Sencha.
    Try to do a console.log of the params in Ext.Ajax.doRequest method in an override (at the end). You...
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    First define your model via Ext.define, then create an instance of your model with Ext.create.
    Check this link.!/api/
  14. Here is my simple testcase:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>
  15. Sorry, this is somehow impossible. I am working on a CMS which is too complex to show simple examples here. Maybe I can write a testcase. But this moment there is no time for that.
  16. Thank you for your answer. No it is a POST request form submission, but because of the structure of the query string my value at the PHP backend is array ('days' => 3), where 3 is the last selected...
  17. Hello guys,
    I recognized that you fixed the problem with fields which got a submitValue: false property in a form which uses jsonSubmit: true in Ext 4.2.2.

    But what about checkboxes and radio´s...
  18. Hello,
    I have a problem with doing a form submit using a checkbox or radiogroup in ExtJs 4.2.2. All my checkboxes inside my CheckboxGroup have the same name and I am using an inputValue for them.
  19. The rows that need to be hidden are filtered out with getRowClass function. But normally, if I use display:none; the grid row gets hidden completely. In this case, using the rowExpander plugin the...
  20. Hi. I have a problem with hidden grid rows in a grid that uses grouping and rowExpander. In my getRowClass function I set a style class which contains "display: none;" for some rows I do not need to...
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    preventFocus property fixed the same problem for me, too. I also experienced the endless loop with the focus events and functions.
  22. Hello,
    we found out that in a grouping grid with a field of type integer as groupField, the
    constructGroups function uses a Ext.util.AbstractMixedCollection get function which results in wrong...
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    Then maybe it´s anywhere else in the code. Our company is working on a CMS, so it´s too complex to post code here. I´ll have to debug myself. Thank´s for answering.
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    My ExtJs 4.1.2 HtmlEditor throws an javascript error instantiating it with readOnly: true.

    NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)...
  25. Okay like configuring my tinymce_textarea like this:

    xtype: "tinymce_textarea",
    height: 400,
    fieldLabel: 'Content',
    tinyMCEConfig: {
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