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  1. I have a nestedList with four items.
    I also have a navigationView with 4 cards.

    This is what i want to achieve:
    when pushed on NestedListItem(0): navigationView(0) must be pushed.
    this action...
  2. I have created a nested view, and I want to load an existing view when the user selects a leaf item of this nested view. How can I create this behaviour in Sencha Architect?
  3. thanks. This is the solution.
  4. Goal:
    show an iPhone screen with two sections:
    - headers
    - details

    The header sections is a fieldset in a panel.
    The detail section is a list, filled with values from a JSON store. This list...
  5. I use a tab-panel as base.

    in one of the tabs, I want to split the screen horizontal:
    the upper half needs to contain a Fieldset, for master data .
    the lower half needs to contain a carousel,...
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