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  1. you should fix your CSS too
  2. Workaround - use dataview instead... You only loose the pull-refresh and load-more plugins...
  3. The thing is that list items are not re-used, but rather new ones are created.... I think this is not a good practice, since we waste CPU power on creating and destroying components, instead of...
    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.0 rev RC1
    Browser versions tested against:

    Native Android JB
    Chrome 22
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    I did some more research here...
    Nut sure, but the problem probably occurs, since only fit layout is allowed for list components.
    I believe, if the scroller is set to false, the layout should be...
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    A work-around:

    0. disable the scroller (on load)

    1. set the data
    2. get the number of items
    3. calculate the height (if possible)
    4. set the height
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    As far as I know, Sencha Touch 2 uses Phonegap for its native packaging... Sencha Touch 2 has implemented an interface layer to server some native functionalities to comply with their MVC structure...
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    I only argued, that it is good and easy enough to start learning on the go.
  9. It is better to keep the object created, but to free the DOM from it, so it is not rendered anymore. In this way you'll save cpu time of creating again some object.

    I believe .destroy(element,...
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    For sure, ST 2 has a steeper learning curve, compared to jQuery Mobile, but in essence we are comparing oranges with apples. ST has completely different approach on how things should be done,...
  11. I guess G+ uses a webview... So the only known way (and easy to use) to test into a webview is phonegap.
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    It works... but the information given is not relevant. You should generate own conditions, to infer if a particular error has been occurred. In addition, some of them are not fired, especially when...
  13. use phonegap and weinre
  14. I tested it again, and now - no bug at all... Really strange - yesterday, the behavior was as explained... Probably after restart, things seem to be just fine.
  15. On Ext.Component, the element might be null. Here is the fix.

    Ext.Component.updateZIndex = function(zIndex) {
    var element = this.element,
    dom = element?element.dom:null,
  16. Hi there,

    There is a container, whose items are changed... The container is sized properly when an item is set with bigger height, however when this item is removed, and a smaller is added, the...
  17. How about the Ripple extension for Chrome?
  18. Actually, UIWebView is performing better than native browser on JB... or at least it looks so ;). And thanks God, it is much much better than ICS... even, over Gingerbread, JB rocks.

    After having...
  19. Good news, guys! I can confirm Google have done their job quite well! Performance on Nexus S with Jelly Bean custom rom from source is now comparable to iOS devices. However, scroller need to be...
  20. You can freely add these listeners in your sencha app.... These are only listeners and the document.addEventListener method is a "native JavaScript one"... Just the strings are "custom", but this is...
  21. Good news from Google, guys!

    Here is part of the changes in Jelly Bean! (read full at
    Android Browser and WebView

    In Android 4.1,...
  22. just use these listeners:

    document.addEventListener("pause", yourCallbackFunction,false);

    document.addEventListener("resume", yourCallbackFunction, false);
  23. SammyLi, this bug occurs (randomly) when not setting identifier: uuid of your model:

    extend : '',
    config : {
  24. Hi there,
    This is not exactly a bug... but I believe it is significant to be considered to for patching.

    When having private browsing in iOS, Safari has window.localStorage variable existing,...
  25. You can also use localstorage... However, be aware, that if an iOS device has turned the private browsing on, you will be very likely to get lots of errors, and of course sencha to fail to load.
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