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  1. This is a good point and why I brought this up within the forums for discussion.

    The key point difference is the transmission of JS Libraries versus providing configuration data that is...
  2. As a side note, I am a customer which owns ExtJS 3 & 4 with Architect v1. I was ready to spend the money on Sencha Complete, but instead found the issue effecting single developers. Since the cost...
  3. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Nightly Confirmed: ext-4.1-20120807, change present for ~2 weeks in nightly, not in 4.1.1

    Application.js Line 179 - No longer supports...
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    I would like to have a single top level checkbox that lets me select a product/version, which would then select the multiple forums that has related content.

    Example: Ext JS 4 would auto check all...
  5. I came across this... It's a documentation issue then, as the 4.1 docs show that a - Config for Border is in inherited from abstract component. It looks like within this class you have...
  6. +1

    I requested this a few months back as well.
  7. The Sencha Premium Forums is still referring to the "Sencha Designer: Feature Requests" rather than Architect. Can we add or update this to reflect the Sencha Architect?

    Reference: ...
  8. 1.) Consistency, as both the Sencha Touch and Ext JS 4 maintain a Q & A Forum
    2.) Provides a user Knowledge Base like structure. Additional Styling and Formatting to see what have been...
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    A working 'example' is something that I would love to see too. I have hinted similar things in other topics. I am a fan of the whole 'Eat your own dog food' and we just don't see that....
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    Is this what your looking for information on how to do? ("Select Linked Class") This allows you to deeply nest an instance, and then go to the direct parent class.
  11. If there are not already plans, can we please add a Sencha Architect Q&A to be consistent with other Sencha Product Forums.
  12. +1

    I think this would be great.

    From a workflow UX standpoint if feels like current behavior is using the JavaScript equivalent of "alert('Click Ok')" locking notification.
    Then you can...
  13. I have ran into this issue before too. (Windows 7 x64) Build 442

    My workaround has been to:
    1.) Change a existing Controller > Basic Function code.
    2.) Save
    3.) Deploy (You can see here in...
  14. We use have an environment where multiple Ext JS 4.x apps are used and deployed inside of a public webroot folder for static assets. We have ran into a number of issues, but have worked around most...
  15. I am pretty sure this is the same issue as here:
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    I wanted to confirm that on Windows 7 64-bit found a problem with path names having a space. I was able to correct by replacing the " " (space) with an "_" (underscore). Though this will probably...
  17. We would like to see this feature added as well. The backend server that we have no control over for a project does not support caching parameters.

    We have been using @aconranworkaround #1 above
  18. I was able to reproduce this in 355

    1.) Add a controller
    2.) Add an Alias
    3.) Add a function
    4) Provide Name for function
    5.) Click on Code View
    6.) Click on Controller
  19. I tested the upgrade to the Designer 2 Build #353 today and this did resolve the problem on the project.
  20. We found this happening as well, extra commas showing up after functions as well.

    setCustomHeight: function() {
  21. When I try to save my project I get the following error:

    "SyntaxError - Parse error"

    I also get this when going into the code view of "Application"

    After exporting what components I could, I...
  22. I can also confirm that these images are missing from the nightly build ext-4.1-20120207.

    Are you aware of a workaround?

    Have these images even been created for the Neptune theme?
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    Lack of 4.1 SVN and Diff's have made it hard to decide what features we focus on and what 'workarounds' we need to perform.

    The statement that Mitchell makes rings true, but doesn't seem to...
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    @Ed, It's been stated in passing that you use Jira as your internal bug tracker. Given my own personal experiences with this tool, it's very easy to 'hook' into this system as they expose multiple...
  25. Not creating implicit models every request would go miles towards addressing this.

    I would think that the server/metadata might need a reference to which model (or support for nesting), in the...
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