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    Ty for the respone and the override solution! Thank you very much.

    Though you really think it is a correct behaviour and users are expacting this? Seems strange and complicated to me.
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    Ext version tested:

    Ext 5 nightly build 20141125
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39

    The selection if the multiselect control gets cleared before the new element is...
  4. Hi.Thank you for your quick reply.I've already found my bug. I did not have a proxy config in my TreeStore - which was not required in 4.2.3 i guess. Now in version 5 i have to configure a...
  5. Hello, i am having the same issue.The tree is builded locally and i am using version 5.0.1.I dont know why the request is actually. I'd guess that ExtJS doesnt find the class ?...
  6. I am creating a reporting system and i am having a bit trouble with my printing functionallity.

    My plan was to place a div in my body element in the index.html

    <div class="print"...
  7. I had the same error.

    By adding

    <script type="text/javascript" src="../../../../ext/packages/ext-theme-neptune/sass/example/slicer.js"></script>
    this line in the head of my theme.html the...
  8. I am running sencha cmd on a windows7 machine.

    My probleme is that the build process fails because of a bug in the screenshot-runner.js file (sencha cmd dir).

    phantomjs is not able to...
  9. thank you very much.

    i used ant for my solution because of the easy implementation:

    <target name="-after-page" >
    <checksum file="${build.dir}/app.js" property="appJsCheckSum"/> ...
  10. I am generating my production build with sencha app build command.

    I do want in my index.html with a scripttag something like this

    <script type="text/javascript"...
  11. i get the same error!

    any updates on this ?
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    having trouble with IE 8 ans Sencha CMD too... Running on v4.0.0.203..

    i found this code in bootstrap.js

    * Sencha Blink - Development
    * @author Jacky Nguyen <>
  13. any updates on a version for 4.2? is there something going on?
  14. I did only post the Ext.onReady function ;) ...

    this is my whole app-test.js file... ofc i got the declaration of the global variable ;)
    here my app-test.js content :

  15. I am trying to set up a some Unit Tests for a Controller similar to Sencha Docs.

    I also try to define my View and my Controller on top of my spec class:

    describe("User Administration...
  16. i fixed it. i had a wrong data structure.. so th extjs could read my total property...
  17. I want to get an infinite scrolling grid with extjs4 and a c# backend... i am setting the proxy api in my controller..

    My Model:

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    Thanks for the reply.

    when i try to compile with the following command

    c:\Data\Repository\Combres\c#\SCT\Web>sencha compile -classpath=ext/src \ -debug=false \ exclude -namespace SCT.model \ ...
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    Im pretty new to ExtJS. I got an .NET application with an ExtJS 4.1 frontend and in the meanwhile i got a bunch of JS files which are not combined/minified.

    While searching through the web...
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