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  1. Yes I noticed that this works fine in IE but a problem in google chrome.
  2. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround that can be used?
  3. We are using GXT 3.0.7
  4. I tried the work around and it did not work. Any updates on the bug above? We are using gxt 3.0.7.
  5. Is it possible to highlight/select text inside GXT grid columns. I checked the forum and tried various solutions suggested but none of them work. Is there a work-around to achieve this?

  6. Thanks Colin...should 3.1 be out soon? I can use the workaround in the mean-time. Thanks Vinita
  7. Is this bug fixed or going to be fixed soon?
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    Our application is internationalized and we noticed that some text on widgets is not translated while other is. For example below: "Sort Ascending" "Sort descending" is translated but not the text...
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    We created a pie chart as code shows below: Is there a simple setting to not show labels when there is no data.

    Because when the data doesn't exist for those shows all labels...
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    I mean I get the HTML for column headers but no names populated into it.
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    Colin - You are right. I was trying to print it before it completely rendered on screen..So OK now I have all the data but I do not have the column names and headers somehow in HTML even though it...
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    Colin I was trying to follow the Java approach. I realised that Grid.getView().getBody() returns the table structure html created but not the data inside it? is it possible that once the grid is...
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    I have upgraded to 3.0.4 and it still doesn't work. Is this theme available for use?
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    Thanks Colin - Yes the issues we are seeing are in IE8 browser. We can have mx of 1000 rows with 15 columns. With even 500 rows it is much slower and any kind of sorting or refresh operations on the...
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    We are seeing similar issues specially with Grid selection and navigating to another tab with grids. Did you reach a conclusion for issues you saw at your end.?
  16. Attaching latest view code.
  17. Colin That sounds good. Please join the other discussion. I tried the last suggestion and behaviour is still the same.
    I understand the need for a working example but I have requested a remote...
  18. I agree but then if there truly is a chain breaker (sven says in other post Composite will break the chain).
    then why does the browser refresh fix it. If the chain is broken it should always be...
  19. I have the split flag=true set on it and it works good however the west panel doesn't resize on browser resize.

    Also initwidget is called inside constructor - Yes.
  20. I also wonder why it resizes on browser refresh as if somethign forced it to resize since its child widgets are all ResizeComposite.
    I have tried forceLayout, setactivewidget, focus etc but doesn't...
  21. Yes its weird. The PlainTabPanel is inside a view we define as below:

    public class AlertsTabsViewImpl extends Composite implements AlertsTabsView {
    @UiField(provided = true)
  22. Here's what fixed the resizing for the most part:

    1. Removing multiple viewports in layout chain.
    2. Extending all views to use "ResizeComposite" except PlainTabPanel which does not support it....
  23. I changed to ResizeComposite except PlainTabPanel View which doesn't allow it. The grid can still not be resized even though I made TransactionViewImpl extend ResizeComposite.
  24. Here's how the views are defined in code: They do not extend ResizeComposite .....

    // Class for TransactionView.ui.xml
    public class TransactionsViewImpl extends Composite implements...
  25. These are snippets pulled out from code. The ContentPanel is around the PlainTabPanel and no VLC around it.
    I had added the VLC as per svens suggestion.
    Please see attached code files for uibinder...
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