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    Hi there,

    what is the preferred way to integrate minimized third party libs in Sencha CMD?

    Bye, Dumbledore
  2. oh - ok... Sorry!

    Ext.define('override.Ext.chart.series.sprite.Bar', {
    override : 'Ext.chart.series.sprite.Bar',

    renderClipped: function (surface, ctx, clip,...
  3. perhaps this will help...

    Bye, Dumbledore
  4. interesting - i found the reason.

    in my application i have a directory falsely included which contains another extjs. That's never noticed.

    Now it works!
  5. sorry - but in my case both don´t work. With i can build my application without errors.

    When i try this with or i get an error.

    Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS:...
  6. any news on this? I can´t build with the 5.1 beta :-(
  7. in my case it will not run with _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xmx1024M...

    Everytime i get the Java heap space error..

    Win7 32Bit, 4GB RAM

    Bye, Dumbledore
  8. so - after some debugging i found the reason. I change a grid with autoScroll:true to a grid with a locked column. And then you get an error inside Ext.Component when using the nightly...
  9. Sorry for the delay...

    I hope to have a fiddle tomorrow...
  10. Hi there,

    i get also in 5.0.3 these warnings:

    [WRN] C1014: callParent has no target (this.callParent in Ext.chart.AbstractChart.onItemRemove) --...
  11. Hi,

    the issue exists in the latest nightly! I will try to make a testcase...

    Bye, Dumbledore
  12. Hi,

    sorry, it seems that the problem is in the last nightly. After going back to it runs fine.


  13. Hi there,

    in my application i use a complex layout with some grids. When i try to locked a column i get an exception in Ext.Component.

    I try to debug this and found following in the source of...
  14. Hi,

    i have the same here. Perhaps someone have a hotfix!?

    Bye, Dumbledore
  15. How can use this in development? The namespace is also Ext.ux... I don´t know how to reference to a package. When i add "require :['Ext.ux.form.field.BoxSelect']" the loader did not find it...
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    it were nice if we can have a official statement here... A 5-Developer Package is for a single developer to expensive.

    If this is not a failure i must stop the development :-(
  17. Hi!

    When you try the sample widgetcolumn code from the api docu and add the summary feature, you get an exception: "Cannot read property 'isNonData' of undefined "

    var grid = new...
  18. sure i can:

    I change the values fromDate and toDate... After that all is rendering except the grid

    Bye, Dumbledore
  19. Hi there,

    when i use this pice of code in my chart all fine:

    type : 'time',
    position: 'bottom',
    fields : ['created_at'],
  20. Hi,

    currently i try to find a problem in my application and i find a undefined variable inside populateRecord of the AbstractSummary class:

    // Here we iterate through the columns...
  21. hi,

    is there a fix from sencha available?

    by, dumbledore
  22. uups... sorry for that.
  23. Hi,

    the Ext.ux.IFrame use the deprecated Ext.EventManager. I think it´s a bug...

    Bye, Dumbledore
  24. i try this an my application and i run into the same error...

    Need also help...

    Bye, Dumbledore
  25. found it...

    Architect 3 did not copy SenchaTouch Framework to the Workspace... When i use ExtJs all runs fine...

    So i copy SenchaTouch in a Folder "touch" to the workspace and it runs.
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