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    I still build and maintain ext 3.4 sites. Is there any way to get the old designer back (preferably for mac)?

    I'd be happy to pay for it!!!
  2. damn, this is what I'm running into right now with a project I'm working on. It pains me to see that this was never addressed. I might have to scrap this and go with something else. I think that...
  3. OK, now that I've thought about this for a while, I can see why my selector does not work. Upon inspecting the items within the action column, the items added are not components. They are plain...
  4. Yes, I tried that as well with no luck. I want to do this right, but I cannot seem to get the selectors to work properly with action columns. I'm going to do more research...
  5. I'm happy to hear that someone knows this. I'm currently having issues accessing an item within an action column:

    header : 'Actions',
    sortable : false,
    menuDisabled :...
  6. It's happening to me in Firefox4 and IE9 at the moment. The override works, only upon the resize event though.

    If you add it to your overrides and resize your page, you'll see the textareas...
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    Seems like it should be fairly simple, but for the life of me I cannot get it to "look" disabled. Any one else have this problem?

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    Now that I have this working properly in my application, I found that I had to make a couple of minor modifications to the code to properly communicate what needed to be printed. My application is a...
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    With time comes the answer. It turns out I was missing the proper print css for showing ext object with overflow: visible. Hey, I learned a lot! :D
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    OK, almost finished, but my content is getting cut off after the first printed page. I'm applying a formpanel to the body of the iframe. Is there a better way to of doing this?
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    sorry, was my code trying to decode the url for permalinks. stupid, stupid, stupid!
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    I almost have this extension working in my application.

    I get the following error when I call printPreview():

    printerfriendly is not defined
    return eval("(" + json + ")");
  13. thanks for this!
  14. I currently have a grid that only has 3 of 5 columns that are editable. There are also rows that I have flagged as not editable.

    Disabling the editor works fine, but I'm looking to skip past the...
  15. Doh! Thanks for the quick reply!
  16. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.1.0

    Adapter used:
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    Myself and a co-worker of mine are interested, but like the others, we both work downtown. :s

    How did the last meeting go? I am able to provide a projector if that would make things more...
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    I thought I would try to reuse some code by building a generic form, then cloning it to create one add and one edit version of a form. When I open the first cloned form in its own window, no form...
  19. Hey Saki,

    I have a rather peculiar request from my boss for the already awesome LovCombo that we are using in our application. He wants to be able to have the ability to add a small bit of text...
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    I am keeping my eye out for this. I'm thinking a generic drag selector would be rather useful for many things. Maybe if an Ext.Component is a part of a particular ds_group (or some other...
  21. I just turn on key events and trim the value if it goes over the limit:

    fieldLabel: 'Notes',
    listeners: {...
  22. i suppose that you could just use a grid, no?
  23. No, the functionality is just as you assumed before. I'm just guessing that the renderer is running before the data is in the grid. Is it normal to have to preload the dropdown data before loading...
  24. Animal,

    You must excuse my ignorance, I'm still in the mindset of html. It didn't occur to me that the combobox is being built upon click and reverts back to the grid display after selection. ...
  25. Didn't work for me. Not sure what hiddenName would have to do with the display. The changes save for me just fine, I just have trouble with getting the name to display properly.

    Would I need...
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