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    Why ajax proxy api update no json

    I am editing a cell with cellediting in a gridpanel, and I am calling store.update() and sync(). The proxy chooses the right operation.action, but my json looks like this in the POST tab in firebug:...
  2. what I really want to know is

    Why doesn't grid.getView(), grid.getSelectionModel(), etc. work in a gridpanel?
  3. extjs4

    I found it at this link: . I just noticed this is for 4.0-beta2. However, almost the same text is in my 4.0.3...
  4. How do you subclassAbstractStoreSelectionModel?

    could some one kindly give me an example of how to subclass AbstractStoreSelectionModel? The selection model in my gridpanel totally does not work, but I've read from the documentation that...
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    To save time, here's a quesiton: at a fundamental...

    To save time, here's a quesiton: at a fundamental level, do I need to extend 'Ext.grid.Panel', not extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel' in order to get 'getSelectionModel' and methods like that to work? It...
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    grid with data writer - help!

    Help, I can not get passed this error: 'this.getSelectionModel is not a function' in firebug. I'm trying to implement a variation of "grid with data writer" from the extjs4 examples: My variation...
  7. that's my problem I'm using ...

    that's my problem
    I'm using
    objStorekv.remove(objStorekv.getAt(value)); in my delete function, and operation.action always = 'update'.
  8. How does store... proxy: { type: ajax, api: work?

    How does
    var store = Ext.create('', {
    model: 'Writer.Person',
    autoLoad: true,
  9. [CLOSED] Have to manually include css and image for xtype: 'checkcolumn'

    CSS problem still exists. By just setting xtype: 'checkcolumn', you don't get checkboxes in your grid...It's not obvious that you have to manually include the CSS for xtype: 'checkcolumn'
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