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  1. Cheers simpler solution.
  2. You can try use my override. If you find any problem please let me know. Also check your ExtJS version and compare with compatibility property.

    //add form bind to overflow menu...
  3. When I repeat one operation (open dialog, click on tab / click on ordered list icon, close dialog) - lets say 5x, 6x after one iteration I get following error:
    Uncaught TypeError: controller.getView...
  4. Works fine for me however I see one bug - when you have ordered all columns and want change order of any column, order direction icon in header will stay the same but data are sorted correctly.
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    ExtJS 6 Modern (ie Sencha Touch) dont have border layout. However as you also wrote, you can use docked items or vbox / hbox layout. Could you provide simple example on ?

    Take a look at Saki's login...
  8. You need add base font awesome css class -

    iconCls: 'fa fa-home'
  9. Well you can still use whole library from Sdk (build folder) however if you dont create your own build process, loading of application will be really slow. For example client always download whole...
  10. You can take a look at Lee's blog at: What I can recommend is new JetBrains Sencha plugin which help you...
  11. It probably depends on 5 version because uses htmlEncoding too. What markup do you want to display in label? You can always create custom overrides or in this case define multiSelectItemTpl
  12. Well few hours of debugging and this is what I found:

    1) As I already wrote, apps in templates directory are not real templates
    2) Template is new type of package

    Simply generate new package: ...
  13. It looks like new command will look like this:

    sencha -sdk <path-to-sdk> generate app --template (or just -te) <template-name> <application-name> <application-path>

  14. Also would be great to see full documentation how to use template. I.e. how to apply existings template from specific directory, how to create template for specific projects etc.
  15. I am ashamed :"> bloody variable was all the time before my eyes. Probably time to use Siesta =)

    Simple solution how to check global variables in JS:

  16. This bug was already fixed in 5.1.x. Old version of Ext.view.BoundList does not contain Ext.view.BoundListKeyNav in requires:

    Ext.define('Ext.view.BoundList', {
  17. Could you paste source of ItemSelector? What ExtJS version do you use?
  18. Did you define Ext.ux.form.ItemSelector in requires? Sencha CMD will load only classes defines in requires and theirs direct dependencies. Also don't forget add ext-ux to requires in app.json
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    Looks like this is the best solution. Simply define proxy and constructor in your model or create abstract model from which will other models inherit.

    Ext.define('MyApp.model.MyModel', {
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    Is there any workaround how to create model with all associations? When I call:

    Ext.create('MyApp.model.MyModel', data);

    where data is simple object structure. Instead of created association...
  21. Hmm weird because:

    Windows 8.1 64 bit Enterprise
    IE - 11.0.9600.17842
    FF - 38.0.5
    Chrome - 43.0.2357.124 m
    Chromium - 45.0.2415.0

    OS X Yosemite 10.10.2
    Safari 8.0.4 (10600.4.10.7)
  22. Could I ask why this thread was moved from bugs? You can simply ignore store override because you can emulate same behaviour with simple condition in handler:

    handler: function() {
  23. Following example cancel previous request if any pending:


    however when you do following steps:

    1) Click on Tab 2
    2) Click twice on button
    3) Click on Tab 1
  24. Yep, cheers.
  25. After upgrade from to (GA release) I get really weird errors:

    log @ ext-all-debug.js?_dc=20150528002225:5693
    Ext.define.onTick @ ...
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