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  1. Here is a working solution :
  2. Here is a working solution :
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    A for loop will do the trick.

    (Sorry old post but I thought the answer could be useful to others)
  4. You do realize that setDisabled(false) enable it, and setDisabled(true) disable it ? So did you try setDisabled(true) then ? ;)
  5. You mean that you tried setDisabled(false) ? Because if you want to disable it, it should be setDisabled(true) B)
  6. Ok, no more ideas from my side... :s
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    Ok first can you make sure your server returns the next 50 records ? For that, use Chrome debugging tool. In the network tab you can see the requests. You will be able to see the parameters in the...
  8. Did you try playing with the z-index ? Maybe your list need to have a higher z-index to stay on top.
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    +1 Eclipse and Chrome debugging tool work fine together

    Wanna learn to use Chrome debugging tool ? Free online course :
  10. Can you post a screenshot of what the interface looks like ?
  11. I suggest you use a combination of Eclipse for javascript and Chrome debugging tool.
  12. When you say "not working" you mean "broken layout" ? Maybe Sencha appends a special style for Windows Phone OS.
  13. If you inspect the server answer from the Chrome debugging tool, you actually get all the data ?

    If I remember well Sencha uses the page param, you should see it appended in the request sent to...
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    Eclipse for javascript works fine.
  15. You could also define various profiles (phone, tablet portrait, tablet landscape) to have a different UI and behaviour.
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    Does the "page" property changes when you click on "load more" ? To see it, you can alert the value from the beforeload function in your store.
    Also did you use the loadPage function and not the...
  17. Why don't you call showNewsDetail directly ?
  18. You should use "profiles" to differentiate a phone and a tablet with your own parameters. Then you could add the .xphone class to the body yourself.

    Does it help ?
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    Maybe you should look at the documentation to find the new variables names :
  20. Javascript code can be minified easily with various tools, found in Google.
    The minification in Sencha Touch is actually done by Sencha cmd, a script.
  21. Is it not possible to tweak the CSS a little ?
  22. Do you mean showing a loader in front of the app ?
  23. Does the "disabled" option is good for you ?
    Source :!/api/Ext.field.Checkbox
  24. What do you mean by " will hangs up the list" ?
    Did you try on an actual device ? Be careful with testing in the emulator...
  25. You should use clearInterval() to stop the timer.
    Source :

    If you don't want the loader, you can still hide it with CSS :D
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