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  1. The grid is not scrolling to the top, only to the bottom
    Test case:

    Ext.create('', {
    data: [["Lisa"], ["Bart"], ["Homer"],...
  2. I tried to apply this patch .... it is not working for us.
    It's scroll left and right but the drop is no longer validate.
    We have an container ( hbox ) with 7 containers ( vbox ) (container B) each...
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    I will try to use that version.
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    maybe this will help

    getStoreCount: function(){
    var me = this,
    count = 0;
    if(true === me.isBuffered){
    count = me.getTotalCount();
  5. I try to repair the reload function on infinite scroll grid. I almost succeed but....

    On the last row of the last page if I call reload function it try to loads 2 pages...... the last page and the...
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    Reload function on grid with infinite scroll ( store with buffered) is broken ( This was reported.
  7. Thanks for the response.

    I totally agree with those best practices
    1. That will not replace the fact that is an bug in the bufferrender plugin.
    The last solution that I...
  8. Hello,

    We have a grid with around 30000 rows with store buffered.
    Every page it takes like 2-3 sec to loads and 1-2 to render (we have a lot of columns around 100 with special render...
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    I saw those problem related to toggle buttons and tooltip component..... but

    what about infinite grid component.

    In 4.1.3. it works without problem ( with a quick fix ).
    In 4.2.1., o my god...
  10. On your example on infinite scrolling, I tried to add a button to refresh the store ( basically it need to refresh the pages that are on the view ). On ExtJS 4.1.2 I use reload function and it works...
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