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  1. The seem problem here is there a solution?
    (win 7 + sencha touch sdk 2.0.0 beta)

    Application already builded on my macbook!
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    the fix for converting dates:

    if(value instanceof Date)
    return value;
    //convert date here
    return ...;
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    I have the same problem here.
    When refresh he is adding duplicated items to the store.
    At B2 it is working but in B3 not.

    The methode store.load is well working!!

    Are there config options for...
  4. I have made a testcase but the testcase it is working and the orginal not. Sorry but it cost me to match time.
  5. When i do removeAll twice from empty datastore then i have an internet explorer 8.0 browser crash.

    Work around:
    Check if not empty then removeAll.
  6. Hi,
    Yes it works for extjs 3.0 but where is the paging info. Remove is'nt an option for me.
    How can i make a fix for it. :-?
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