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  1. It also happens if you have a combined chart with one bar series and one line series. The legend will then only have set the name of the line series, however the bar series' name is still null
  2. Hi Sencha,

    About two weeks I posted a thread in the bugs section regarding something that can go wrong in a column chart. This is that thread:...
  3. It would be a shame if this problem is left open, so I'll bump this thread up again ;-)
  4. I only needed to update the values in the store for the chart to go bust.

    It seems that on negative values the drawing of the chart itself doesn't go well...
  5. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 32
    Firefox 26
    Opera 12
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  6. It seems that the fix is for Touch Charts and not ExtJS. When can we expect a fix for that?
  7. Any updates on this? I seem to stumble on about the same issue. (The one with the malformed delta message i mean)
  8. Well, the console is no longer returning errors and jslint is not giving any real mistakes, other than
    Expected ';' and instead saw '}'.But still the app and controllers don't seem to do anything in...
  9. I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at this, because I'm practically stuck on completing my application now :s
  10. Yes, I did.

    Like I said, my app works fine in debug mode, but not when I build to production
  11. I found something that may be related to this error:
    The init() of my controller is also not returning a console.log() when build to production (debug mode is showing the message fine).

    Also: In...
  12. Hi,

    In the Controller of my app I've some functions defined that should be fired based on specific routes:

    config: {
    routes: {
    '': 'routeToNone',
    'login': ...
  13. Replies
    It seems that I don't get the charts working in touch 2.3.1 either (with IE10) :s
  14. Hi,

    I just updated my application from 2.1.0 to 2.3.0 with the help of Sencha Cmd and I'm a bit overwhelmed now by the differences, mainly because i've lost all my icons ;-)

    According to you...
  15. Found the answer:

    In app.js instead of using

    enabled: true,
    disableCaching: true,
    paths: [{
    'Common.ux': 'app/ux'
  16. Thanks for the tips!

    It seems that problem doesn't lie completely in how I wrote it, but the fact that I want to add the serie dynamically to the chart. Since ...
  17. Hi,

    I'm using ExtJs 4.1.3 and I've build my application with the MVC structure. In my application I want to extend the Line series of a chart, so I can set some different properties from the...
  18. Replies

    In my Touch 2.1 application I have a panel with a chart component in it. When I want to show the loadmask of the panel (using getMasked().show() ), the loadmask is shown under the chart even...
  19. Hi,

    I was trying some things out with the latest release of Touch 2.1 and i stumbled on this issue. I am using MVC in my app and i have a pie chart defined like this:
  20. Hi all,

    Today I tried the rc1 of touch-2.1.0 and I wanted to render a pie chart, but all I get is this error:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'performLayout'

    Which I...
  21. Hi all,

    I have a Touch 2.0.1-application with the seperated Touch Charts module (2.0.0-beta).
    In my application I have a Carousel component which holds multiple Panels with a chart in it. The...
  22. Would like to know a solution as well
  23. I have the same problem, only I have it in IE9 even with ExtJS 4.1
  24. In the .zip should be a folder named 'docs'
    If you open the index.html file in that folder, the documentation should open in your browser
  25. Hey,

    I am working on a touch charts application with a MVC structure.
    I read about how the charts use interactions to respond to user events, one of these interactions is the 'itemInfo'. The...
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