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  1. My thanks to those who've already worked on fixes for this problem, it saved me a lot of time. I've attempted to patch this using relatedTarget instead of a timer:

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    You must get some decent measurements on this before you start making changes. It isn't necessary to isolate the toolbar changes, quite the opposite, the measurements are only meaningful in the...
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    Is the time spent rendering or doing the layouts? If it's the latter then a lightweight button may not help but a few tweaks to your layout config (e.g. fixed sizes on the toolbar) might.

  4. You're calling focus too soon.

  5. Couldn't you just call focus on the button?
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    You can prevent the selection using the beforeselect event, though it'll get a bit fiddly.
  7. Please provide a Fiddle:

    It's quite difficult to read your code because you haven't...
  8. My first thought is that you should stay clear of ids, use a CSS class instead. Also, does it 'work' as expected if you remove the delegate selector completely?

    I suggest putting together a Sencha...
  9. OK, that makes sense. It hadn't occurred to me that the library overrides itself, in my mind that stuff is just for monkey patching bugs. If I were you I'd be tempted to submit a feature request/bug...
  10. I see.

    Your scenario is a little odd. Why not just remove the other override? It's not clear why you would write a second patch to bypass your original patch.

    Assuming you can't just remove the...
  11. callSuper?
  12. I don't see this property in your response:

    rootProperty: 'elenco'


    rootProperty: 'data'
  13. Not necessarily. An exception will prevent subsequent code being run, so if initAlarmGridExtend is being called synchronously from within that file it won't get any further. Being at the 'root level'...
  14. Possibly a requires block in the AlarmGrid definition? Or maybe the class it extends isn't loaded yet? If any dependencies are missing the class definition will be deferred.

    If the AlarmGrid code...
  15. It appears AlarmGrid doesn't exist yet.

    Try this on the line before you try to create it:


    As for why... Is the file containing AlarmGrid being loaded?
  16. Isn't what you're describing the Summary feature?!/api/Ext.grid.feature.Summary
  17. Put in a breakpoint or use the debugger keyword:

    getValue: function() {
    return this.getRawValue();

    That'll pause execution and allow you to inspect the stack so you...
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    What I was suggesting is that you might have a scenario like this:

    Ext.define('MyGrid', {
    viewConfig: {
    getRowClass: ...

    Ext.create('MyGrid', {
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    I had a go at a pure CSS solution:


    Selected rows will display a red arrow.

    An arrow outside the grid poses some questions for how it should work when the grid is scrolled (i.e. such that...
  20. It'd be the same as the selector for jQuery wouldn't it? You've dropped the 'name=' part in your Ext version.
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    That's right, store loading is asynchronous so you'll need to use a callback or a load event listener to wait for the store to load the data before you can access the records.
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    Most likely it's a problem with the timezone or DST. It needs someone who can reproduce the problem (I can't) to step through in the debugger to figure out where things go awry.

    It is also...
  23. True, but I feel you've missed the point.

    If you have two totally separate stores then loading one won't affect the other. That's why you're having to do the two loads.
  24. The techniques you described for specifying a store in earlier versions should still work fine in ExtJS 5. Those two techniques refer to a specific store instance and they rely on the instance being...
  25. Something like this?


    You could specify the hoverCls directly on each column but using defaults seems easier.

    That CSS class also shows the menu trigger. If you want to maintain that part...
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