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  1. Will GXT use GIN as part of the release map

    GIN Project is licensed under Apache 2.0. So why aren't we seeing more more instances of GIN in GXT? Inversion of control makes creation of certain components...
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    Automated Tests on GXT


    Recently we upgraded from the 3.0.1 community version to 3.0.6 premium release. Our testers have reported issues with some their scripts, especially those dealing with Grids. They were using...
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    Element detection

    Thanks for asserting what I had in my mind. I would request your opinion on the following:

    A: I would like to state that xpath can take a context. It is possible to write context-aware xpath...
  4. Preventive UI validation using Editor Driver

    The question is simple, remember FormButtonBinding, it used to work on a FormPanel (GXT 2.x). The logic is to use a Timer and call a validate function. I am trying to achieve the same using...
  5. GXT Layout with UiBinder and Accordian, failure to add dynamic content

    I was trying to accomplish a UiBinder/Template driven application. The following steps were part of this:
    1. Create a 'border layout' with an 'accordian' as the west panel. (The parent composite is...
  6. Thats great! I am able to bring the editor by...

    Thats great! I am able to bring the editor by using tabs. I am wondering if it is possible to achieve the same without using tabs. Thanks for the prompt response.
  7. Edit actions on Checkbox do not trigger Events on EditableGrid

    Versions: GXT 2.1.3 and GXT 2.2

    I am looking for the 'AfterEdit' event in particular. The cell editors associated with text widgets have no problem raising
    this event. The CheckBox fails to...
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    [FNR] IconAlignment issue under Accordion

    I am using GXT 2.1.1 with GWT 1.7. In some cases, the IconAlignment is not correctly applied on the buttons rendered 'Accordion layout'. I have two formPanels under Accordion Layout. The first form...
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    I dont' know the solution for you case, but I can...

    I dont' know the solution for you case, but I can suggest an alternative. I normally create icons using AbstractImagePrototype.

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