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  1. [FIXED] David, thank you for letting us know, but can you...

    David, thank you for letting us know, but can you clarify the auto-update process? I don't see any "Check for updates" menu option in Architect, nor have I seen any documentation on this feature. ...
  2. [FIXED] This is pretty serious - the workaround isn't sufficient in all cases

    This is a pretty serious bug, that seems to have started after upgrading to Architect from 2.1 to 2.2.0 build 908. Greg's workaround doesn't always work; I am in the situation where I cannot...
  3. I second this as well - mcaple is 100% right. ...

    I second this as well - mcaple is 100% right. The fact that there are 2 "sencha" commands (one for the SDK Tools, one for the Sencha Touch 2 SDK) caused me some horrible headaches until I came...
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    Ext.Util.Geolocation should be Ext.Util.GeoLocation

    E.g., on!/api/Ext.util.Geolocation

    The casing is important. I found that (in RC2 at least, haven't tested 2.0 final) if you have disabled Ext.Loader, in the code...
  5. [CLOSED] Select and copy/paste does not work either on iPhone

    I don't know if it's related, but on iOS, you cannot select text either for copy/paste. On Android you can. I don't know if this is a different issue or not.
  6. [CLOSED] RC2 disables the auto-format detection of phone numbers on iPhone and Android


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0 RC2
  7. Bad CPU type error with "sencha create manifest"

    I get a very similar error when running "sencha create manifest" on MacOS 10.6.8 as well (Intel Core Duo), with the Sencha SDK Tools 2.0 Beta:

    macmini:touch Scott$ sencha create manifest -s...
  8. Only 32-bit Java is supported

    If you're on Windows 64-bit that will cause this error. See this link:...
  9. [FIXED] The User Agent was not reporting as Safari!

    The problem, after much painful debugging, is that the user agent for the browser inside the Facebook native app doesn't match the string expected for mobile Safari.

    In particular on my iPad, the...
  10. [FIXED] More details regarding other demos

    Here are some more details I found out while testing:

    The Ext.Loader doesn't look like the culprit. If I disable Ext.Loader() and concatenate all the NavigationView JS into a single file and...
  11. [FIXED] NavigationView demo breaks while loading inside native Facebook app on iOS


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch RC1
  12. Differnent syntax needed in RC1 compared to Beta 3

    This may help.

    I was seeing the same error after upgrading to RC1 today. I found through trial and error that there is a breaking change in the way views and stores are instantiated. Previously,...
  13. [FIXED] Checkbox with certain "name" attributes causes a browser hang during form.reset()


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2 Beta 3
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    21,500 API page references "root"

    At!/api/ in the example at the top it says:

    var myStore = Ext.create('', {
    model: 'User',
    proxy: {
  15. [FIXED] Works great!

    That works perfectly - thank you!
  16. Then I will just use a NavigationView with a...

    Then I will just use a NavigationView with a series of Lists, and programmatically update the Store for each as I navigate through. Thanks for the recommendation.
  17. [FIXED] Neither "fullscreen" or "autoMaximize" appear to have any effect though

    Yes, I understand the pros and cons of autoMaximize. Previously, I did try setting both "fullscreen" and "autoMaximize" to true in the Viewport config in the "Bottom Tabs" demo at...
  18. [FIXED] Can you post a workaround in the meantime?

    I should add, what I am really interested in, is how to achieve fullscreen mode in a Beta 2 MVC app. So in the meantime until the examples are fixed, any pointers or links would be greatly...
  19. [FIXED] None of the example apps are full-screen anymore


    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch Beta 2
  20. How to use NestedLists with associated models

    I'm attempting to use a NestedList with multiple Models using the Sencha Touch Beta 1 framework; in particular, I would like to render a NestedList component which displays Orders, each of...
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    All- Google now has posted Ext-Core v3.1.0 to...


    Google now has posted Ext-Core v3.1.0 to and when I reference that version, the error has gone away. So update and you...
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    Minified Ext Core on Google CDN throws Firefox error

    There's something else going on here I'm afraid: I can repro what appears to be the same error with using only Ext Core. Here is a simplified version of the Menu example:

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    Thank you for the explanation... Then may I...

    Thank you for the explanation...

    Then may I suggest that you update DOCS.txt in the Ext Core SDK to note that at least some of the Ext classes in Core are documented elsewhere. Currently...
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    [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Documentation link for 404's

    On the Ext Core docs,, do a search for "menu". When you click the link to go to the API page...
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    Verify zipfile is valid

    Hello- I am eager to try out this new theme. However, when I download the attachment from the first page of this post, it is corrupted, and only 75K (looks like it's supposed to be about 125K). Can...
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