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  1. Applying a date format to a grouped date column

    I've run into an issue that I can't seem to find a work around for within the current GXT 3 code base.  I have a grouping grid that has multiple columns including a date column.  I've...
  2. Scrolling in FF no longer works when a ContentPanel is within a TabPanel

    I have come across what I believe is a bug in FF (we're using version 10.0.3) that prevents a user from using the arrow keys to navigate up/down the content of a ContentPanel.

    To recreate drop the...
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    Adding JavaScript to an element in IE(8)

    I have an interesting problem that I can' seem to be able to get around. I need to be able to add DnD (or at least get the drag to start) to a tab in a tab panel. I've been able to get it to work...
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    Disable up/down arrows on a grid

    Does anyone know how to disable a userís ability to use the up/down arrows when a grid has focus? The issue is when a row is clicked on (or enter is pressed) in a grid I put up a loading mask while...
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