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    So, does this mean there is not going to be a...

    So, does this mean there is not going to be a SenchaCon this year (2012)?
  2. ComboBox Behavior Changed from Ext 2.x.x to 3.x.x

    In Ext 2.3.0, the ComboBox examples in Examples\form\combos.html, combos.js, if I open the States combo and mouse over a selection or use the arrow keys to highlight a selection and I press the Tab...
  3. Great suggestion

    I found this thread while looking for a solution to a similar problem; I have a pop-up window that contains a combo box which is repopulated each time a user presses a button.

    The combo data was...
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    PagingToolbar addItem Problem

    In Ext 2.x, adding a Button or TextItem to this component placed the new object just to the right of the refresh button, left justified, even if the displayInfo param was set to true.

    In Ext...
  5. 3.1.1 - Problem adding TestItem to PagingToolbar

    Good afternoon.
    I know many of you have not yet used Ext 3.1.1, but I have encountered an issue with this new version when it comes to adding buttons/TextItems to a PagingToolbar.

    In Ext 2.x, a...
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    Thanks Condor! I simply added the buttons2...

    Thanks Condor!

    I simply added the buttons2 config item to my formPanel, including some of the buttons that were overflowing, added the code for the listener: item and the second row now displays...
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    Thanks, Condor. Unfortunately we're still on...

    Thanks, Condor.

    Unfortunately we're still on 2.2.

    I'll give this a shot, although I'm not certain how I would set this up in my code - fairly new to advanced Ext.

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    How to Wrap Buttons on a Form

    I have a simple FormPanel that now contains too many buttons and the last button is being pushed off the screen. Is there a layout that I need to use to get additional buttons to wrap under the first...
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