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    I noticed your example page uses 4.0.2 which doesn't have Ext.String.createVarName

    You might want to use 4.1.1

    Great plugin, thanks for keeping it updated!
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    dnorman, I tried using your code with Ext 4.1.1, but the resize is not affecting the data rows, only the column headers. (I also removed the '4' from 'Ext4.' and included the Observable mixin...)
  3. I am migrating a large application from 4.0.7 to 4.1.0

    I'm trying to figure out where in the framework the Window (or Panel) is calculating where to position its body element. Can anyone point me...
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    But when I apply overflow: hidden to the currently natively scrolled div and then add in custom-styled divs that perform scrolling functionality via JS, I assumed I would lose the connection to the...
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    When 4.1 is released will it be possible to add custom styles for the scrollers of Grid Panels? I would guess not.

    If not, what considerations are there in overriding the new ExtJS OS-native...
  6. I had no success and gave up

    HTH ;)
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    Since there is not going to be a date from Sencha and because there will be a beta2 for some arbitrary amount of time I guess the only logical thing is that if you have a hard date to hit then you...
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    I glossed over it, but I have a solution and naturally, yes, I am using .format to get the required result.

    I'd just like to know why the timezone information is omitted in toString's...
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    This is 4.0.7. Had a quick search but couldn't see anything. Why is it that Ext.Date.toString() doesn't use getTimezoneOffset for its output? Or rather why does it have the format it has?

  10. I'm using ExtJS 4.0.2. This is related to an old SO post I just came across and I cannot find any related posts here.
  11. I tried using data-qclass as well as data-qtip on the renderer. It seems qclass is not picked up internally?


    metaData.tdAttr = 'data-qclass="sometip" data-qtip="' +...
  12. I am migrating an Ext JS 3 app. We had a tooltip on a grid panel that would get its content in this fashion

    beforeshow: function updateTipBody(tip) {
    var rowIndex =...
  13. Correct. I'm confused, what was your point?
  14. taking autoHeight: true out of the tab panel has no effect on the behaviour I describe. I would like to avoid adding autoScroll: true
  15. Basically because it would be inconsistent with other parts of the UI.

    I'm more interested in why this doesn't work as I have a work around for now, is it a bug?
  16. I'm surprised I can't find any reproductions of this issue, so I guess there's an easy fix...
    I have a TabPanel in a Window with tab content that dynamically adds/removes components from the panels....
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