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    I have the same issue. "Change User" does not reset my 30 day trial (which expired roughly a year ago). Would be nice to try the new version.
  2. One of the main uses for this feature is to save coders from callback spaghetti hell. Instead of deeply nested success/failure callback code you describe a series of operations as objects and then...
  3. So here is my workaround:

    Ext.define('MyNS.writer', {
    extend: '',
    alias: 'writer.mine',
    config: {extraParams:...
  4. I am observing exactly the same issue and I hope you will share a workaround if you find one :)

    (Sencha devs: compare the treatment of extraParams in today's DirectProxy.doRequest vs. baseParams...
  5. I also find that setting the "width" style causes a gap of a compensating size to open up between the label and the field. I have a small label, and would like to reclaim that empty space for the...
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