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  1. Thanks a lot aconran. Gone with the unsafe way and its working now.

    M. Rizwan Khan
  2. Yeah, what you suggested worked.
    But when assign the my String to 'sb' it doesnt work.
    I understood the problem is I am giving a String to 'data' whereas it is expecting array of array.
  3. Hi Aconran,

    Thanks for quick response.
    Yeah this works

    data : [['CITY_NAME','CITY_NAME'],['CNTRY_NAME','CNTRY_NAME'],['STATUS','STATUS']]but when assigning
    sb =...
  4. Hi All,

    I am fairly new to ExtJS.
    I am trying to load my combo box on depending upon selected value from the previous combo box. (Same Old Country-state scenario) i am making an ajax call and...
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