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    Once a file has been unlocked, is it possible to return it to the locked state (so that Architect no longer 'owns' it and continues writing to disk each time the project is saved)?
  2. We will most likely remove the < 22 check as well -- at the time the fix was written, it seemed as though this only needed to be a temporary holdover. We too, will probably be stuck on 3.x for quite...
  3. if(!Ext.isDefined(Ext.chromeVersion)){
    Ext.chromeVersion = Ext.isChrome ? parseInt((/chrome\/(\d{1,2})/).exec(navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase())[1],10) : NaN;
    * Box-sizing was changed...
  4. +1 Since there is no public tracking of bug reports, I'm subscribing to this thread; hopefully pertinent information concerning this bug will be posted here as well.
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