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  1. Dragging items around a large project is generally a pain. If the copy/paste is implemented I'd really like to see a "Paste as Link" option to be able to use your own components that have been...
  2. Hi Tristan, this is on Windows 8.1 64-bit. I *think* the problem is somewhat related to the issue with sencha cmd running twice, that I reported in another thread here. When I check the Activity...
  3. What decides what properties are bindable or not in Architect? Why can I bind emptyText but not format on a DateField? Being able to bind format would open up for easy localization of the UI, which...
  4. OK
  5. Just tried on Mac OS 10.11.2 with JDK 8u66 and same problem.
  6. Message I get in the log window is "Unable to process and update you app.json file". Is it possible to get additiona logfiles from the update process so you can troubleshoot?
  7. Installed SA on Windows 8.1 64-bit. Troubleshooting why my own project does not upgrade properly to 6.0.x I have tried with an empty project and it fails as well.

    Steps to reproduce:
  8. OK, thanks
  9. The modal "Saving project" indication is not removed properly in about one out of ten times when saving the project. As the Saving is modal, this forces me to close SA with Alt-F4. Fortunately the...
  10. Every time I save the project (Ext JS 6.0) I see Sencha Cmdpicking up the changes and then running two times in a row before finally settling down again. The second time it doesn't display the...
  11. Just downloaded and installed 3.5 EA ( and notice that the Triton theme is not available. Is this on purpose or am I missing something?
  12. Sorry for beating a dead horse here. We are currently evaluating our options for a new project and looking at Ext.Direct and JSON-RPC as potential candidates. Is there anywhere we can find more...
  13. Will this new version also fix the issues in PHPStorm 10.0 causing the plug-in to crash completely?

    2015-11-08 09:10:49,857 [62755906] ERROR - aemon.impl.PassExecutorService - PhpStorm 10.0 ...
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    Cool - thanks!
    (I wouldn't have found that in a million years....)
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    I know this subject has been beaten to death for previous versions of Ext and the answer was always "jsduck". I have now tried running jsduck 5.3.4 (latest available from the gem repos) and it...
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    OK - working this morning. Thanks.
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    Hello, should the auto update work or do I need to reinstall the plug-in? I get the following error when PHPStorm 9.0.1 (64-bit running on Windows 8.1) is trying to update the plug-in: Plugin Sencha...
  18. As a long-time SA user I'd just want to chime in on this interesting topic. SA saves me so much time but I have recently started to really learn how to use the JetBrains plugin for Sencha 6.0. The...
  19. Got the same reply from Vicki Pelc:
  20. FWIW I have sent an email to Sencha customer support with a request to get the promised activation code.
  21. PhpStorm 9 just prompted me to update the plugin to version After restart of the IDE I was asked to sign-in with my forum ID (like Architect). I entered my forum ID and it was accepted by...
  22. If SA is actively being ignored and slowly suffocated to death one would at least think Sencha would have the courtesy to tell us so we can migrate away from SA and/or Sencha frameworks. As it is now...
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    Lately I have been getting the following errors logged when starting SA with Cmd

    I have Java 8u31 (both 32 and 64 bit versions) installed and running on Windows 8.1 64-bit....
  24. You're welcome!
    Glad to head you got it working and were able to compile the project.

  25. Have you tried doing a Save As and see if that solves anything? As a last resort (that will void your warranty ;-) ) you could try removing stuff from the xds that you can't find in the metadata...
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