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    My solution

    Hey folks,

    Here's a possible solution that I whipped up to solve NullPointerExceptions coming out of otherwise perfectly good ValueProviders.

  2. [FIXED] Had it. It was a bug in my code, kinda

    I had this problem, and worked around it. On a hunch, I figured I was loading the RPC data multiple times and GXT wasn't handling the multiple loads correctly, since the paging toolbar works fine in...
  3. Yeah, me 2

    I figured it out - You're looking for the com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.grid.filters.ListFilter
  4. [NOREPRO] Solved it!

    I did have this problem. I thought I didn't because I wasn't clicking in the next comboBox, which is key to reproducing this bug. Clicking in the next comboBox will cancel the edit in the previous...
  5. [CLOSED] Property Editor was the way to go

    My previous solution failed on a number of fronts. After about a day of debugging, I came across the PropertyEditor solution that Colin spelled out very clearly in comment #11 above. I should have...
  6. [NOREPRO] Nevermind

    This problem went away for me once I rewrote the ComboxCell.ComboPropertyEditor as I detailed here: ...
  7. [NOREPRO] Same problem

    I have this problem too, and clicking tab doesn't seem to solve it. Specifically, this new value that the user entered doesn't seem to be getting added to the ComboBox's ListStore, and because of...
  8. [CLOSED] More robust solution

    I have a slightly more robost work-around. This allows me to set new values regardless of whether my ComboBox type is a String.

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