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  1. I noticed that when the height of the inners is...

    I noticed that when the height of the inners is calculated, contained Grids only show their headers. The height calculation could be correct for other elements.

    When or by the call of which method...
  2. How to get the height of a Widget before showing on the screen?


    I have a VerticalLayoutContainer with a fixed height and width. Lets call it "outer". To outer I want to add Widgets that are themselfs VerticalLayoutContainers and have only a fixed width....
  3. How to respond to value changes of always editable Grid Cells?


    I would like to react to the event of modifying the text content of any Cell in a Grid, for example typing a letter into an empty Cell.

    I know that there exists a class "GridInlineEditing",...
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