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  1. Also issue with the column width

    Try to resize any table column in IE to make it narrower than the text in the header title. In IE the header goes out of sync from the rest of the table. This is reproducible in the Explorer demo.
  2. [FIXED] [Beta3] TableBinder.update does not refresh the data

    It is missing the item.setData(model) call, and thus simply re-assigns the old data to the item. If the item already has any rendered widgets in it, this causes the exception down the road, when the...
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    [FIXED] Container.remove causes NPE

    If the autoDestroy flag is set, the Container.remove function causes the NullPointerException in the Component.fireEvent code. Basically, the Container.remove destroys the component first, and after...
  4. [FIXED] Cannot move TreeItem from one Tree to another

    I'm trying to move selected items from one tree to another. Items are disappearing from the source tree, but not getting added to the destination tree. Looks like once the tree item is rendered, it...
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    Bumping this up. I'd love to see the widget...

    Bumping this up. I'd love to see the widget support in the TableViewer. Is there a reason why it was dropped?
  6. [Solved] TableColumn.getIndex() is protected

    I've tried to implement my own right-click menu for the TableHeader, and the only way to do it now is to override the TableHeader.onShowContextMenu method. I need to keep the sorting portions of the...
  7. [CLOSED] Unable to load the TableViewer until the table is rendered

    Currently it is not possible to load the table viewer by invoking its content's provider load method until the table is rendered. The load operation fails on NPE in the TableViewer.onBeforeLoad...
  8. BorderLayout does not size elements without...

    BorderLayout does not size elements without specifying the size in pixels or percentages. Can the code be updated to use the child element's actual size as well? The can be done by setting the...
  9. [FIXED] [Beta 2] JavaScriptException in hosted mode

    I keep getting those JavaScriptExceptions in the hosted mode only (I run it under Eclipse) when I try to open any combo-box and select an item from it:
  10. [FIXED] [Beta 2] ClassCastException in DateField

    When I try to call DateField.getDate, the call fails with:

    java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.Date
  11. [Solved] How to detect a double-click on the Tree leaf node in Beta 2?

    In Beta 1, I was able to use a simple listener:

    Tree tree = new Tree();
    //...populate the tree

    tree.addListener(Events.DoubleClick, new Listener<TreeEvent>() {
    public void...
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