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    Possible override fix for issue

    // Override to fix that all grids that are stateful are being assumed to have stateful filters, allows grids to be stateful without stateful filters

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.filters.Filters, {
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    A possible override to fix the issue note the...

    A possible override to fix the issue note the commented out block of code as well.

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.filters.Filters, {
    init: function (grid) {
    var me = this,
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    Filter are stateful even when disabled

    I am unable configure a grid to have statefulness on column order and sorting without also having filters save there state as well. I attempting to disable with saveStatefulFilters, statefulFilters...
  4. [INFOREQ] I created a fiddle to illustrate that the...

    I created a fiddle to illustrate that the disabling stateful filters on grids is being ignored.
  5. [INFOREQ] Possible override

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.filters.Filters, {
    init: function (grid) {
    var me = this,
    store, headerCt;
    me.grid = grid;
  6. [INFOREQ] Filters ignore stateful filters flag on store

    The filters plugin appears to be ignoring the state flag on the store due to hard coded true in the filters init. This is making it not possible to have a stateful grid the excludes the statefulness...
  7. [OPEN] Thank you for the quick response.

    Thank you for the quick response.
  8. [OPEN] Tabbing over cell creates column header offset

    So when you tab multiple cells the column header becomes mis-aligned with the header. I included a Sencha fiddle to demo the issue. To reproduce the issue start the cell editor at the first cell and...
  9. [NOREPRO] Possible override fix

    So I was able to isolate it the code inside the Ext.grid.NavigationModel as being the fix but I am unable to get it to work via override, but I can modify copy of ExtJs debug with changed functions...
  10. [NOREPRO] Thank you for helping them out on that. I have...

    Thank you for helping them out on that. I have tested our app locally with the 6.2.2 version and it does appear to fix the issue. I may try to find the difference and post a override if I can find it.
  11. [NOREPRO] I submitted formal support request for an...

    I submitted formal support request for an override to fix the issue in an override for 6.2.1 because 6.2.2 is not released yet and the release date is not set yet.
  12. [NOREPRO] 6.2.2 is not showing the support downloads is...

    6.2.2 is not showing the support downloads is their a scheduled release date for premium customers?
  13. [NOREPRO] Vertical scroll clicks cause horizontal scroll to move on cell editor

    So I am seeing so weird scroll behavior in the 6.2.167 version of ExtJs on both FF and Chrome. When I have a a cell editor grid that has both a vertical and horizontal scroll bar. When I mouse click...
  14. Creating Derived Models in Sencha Architect

    Does anyone have an example of a derived model using the Architect. I have done it directly in code but I am have trouble getting it to work with SA 2.2.3. Unfortunately I have a client that...
  15. [CLOSED] version in test case

    the version in the test case extjs 4.1.1 gpl
  16. [CLOSED] I think the code in encode needs changed to following

    me.encode = function(object, replacer, space) {
    if (!encodingFunction) {
    // setup encoding function on first access
    encodingFunction = isNative() ? JSON.stringify : me.encodeValue;
  17. [CLOSED] Ext.Json.encode not passing all argument to native strinify

    The 2nd and 3rd optional argument don't appear to be passed to native stringify method.

    Ext.USE_NATIVE_JSON = true;

    Calling Ext.JSON.encode

  18. [CLOSED] Still an issue in 4.1.1gpl

    I agree I'm seeing the same issue also.
  19. [OPEN] temp work arround

    I'm not for sure if this will fix your issue in 3.4 but in the 4.1.1. I was able to define a empty renderer and it resolved the issue. Then it was able to see the emptyCellText property on the column...
  20. [OPEN] Exists in 4.1.1gpl

    I'm seeing this issue in the 4.1.1 gpl version also.
  21. Feature: Modify to include failure callback in refs object

    It would be a nice feature addition to add failure callback to refs object to allow developers to trap error when they happen and so they can incorperate there own logging measures to the callback...
  22. [CLOSED] Better override

    Is there a better looking override that I can put in place till the next release. I would prefer to call the parent instead of in-lining the code from the setReadonly in form.field.text?
  23. [CLOSED] SetReadOnly not removing readonly class on trigger base fields datefield, combo etc.

    The setReadonly function doesn't appear to remove the readonly class correctly, specifically on trigger fields. I enclosed screenshots of dom inspection of the the trigger elements and text fields...
  24. That works

    That's interesting cause I thought defaulted proxy type was a memory type. And it is more interest some of the upper level data in the json works but not data needed for the hasMany model. Anyways...
  25. Having issues getting associated data with a hasMany model

    I am having issues getting the associated data with a hasMany relation model. I get the data for the parent but am unable to get the children's data

    Ext.onReady(function () {

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