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  1. Animal: Thank you, I then went to the 'standard' getElementById and voila it works as desired. However allow me one more question, is there a more elegant way to do that, forgive my ignorance but I...
  2. What I am trying to accomplish is a very simple login:

    the HTML is:

    <div id="center">
    <div id="formContent">
    <div class="x-box-tl">
    <div class="x-box-tr">
  3. Ok,
    This seems to be a trivial problem but I am brand new to EXTJS and I can't figure that out.
    Instead of having the Server Response displayed in a Message Box like: ...
  4. Replies
    I was looking for something like smooth.... but since I am a n00b with ext, how would I prevent the remote checking if someone decides to cancel the form ? Currently when I watch it...
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