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  1. Hello Phil,

    Thank you for your help, it worked. I just think this is the kind of stuff that should be handled by SA or Sencha Cmd.

  2. Hello everybody,

    I have a problem with the SA when I package my application for Android : the generated apk application displays just a white screen.
    When I test the application with Chrome it...
  3. Ok, thank you for your answer.
    Any chance to have something like "emptyValueField" and "emptyDisplayField" in the combobox configuration in next versions ? It seems many people are looking for that,...
  4. Hello,

    Is there a better way to add an empty option to a combobox than something like :

    onLoad: function(store, records, successful, operation, options) {
    var falseReader =...
  5. Hello,

    Since I've updated to build 341 I have problems when I am editing code : the focus is lost after some keystrokes. I haven't this behavior with previous builds.

    For information I am...
  6. Hello,

    I think there is a problem with grid columns (Ext.grid.column.Column) because once you set a dataIndex you cannot remove it, even if you change the type of the column to...
  7. Hello,

    Thank you for this very interesting video. The designer seems very powerful and intuitive.

    I followed the tutorial step by step and managed to get my app running on a local server....
  8. Hello Skirtle,

    Thank you very much, you saved my week, it works perfectly.
    I didn't put the config
    matchFieldWidth: false, at the good place the first time, now it's ok.

  9. Hello,

    Thank you skirtle for your answer.

    I tried matchFieldWidth: false, but it didn't fixed the problem.
    If it can help, the complete code of my app is here :...
  10. Hello everybody,

    I am trying to develop a color field based on the existing date field. I almost copy and paste the code from the date field source code but my color picker is not displayed when I...
  11. Hello,

    I found two ways to do what I wanted :

    - First I could simply take advantage of the method "isPreventDrag" from 'Ext.tree.ViewDragZone'
    and set the property 'allowDrag' to false for...
  12. Hello everybody,

    I'm currently working with ExtJs 4 TreeView and DragNDrop, and I can't find an easy way to allow drag only for the leaves of my tree (ie. I don't want to be allowed to drag...
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    Thank you Samsooo you solved my problem.
    The "autoShow : true" was too much (I don't know why this change the behavior of showAt but it is OK for me).
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    Hi Samsooo,
    Thanks for your answer, but I think I didn't explain my problem very well.
    In fact the method getAt(ev.getXY()) works perfectly. I mean the context menu is rendered at the expected...
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    Yes, I'm using showAt.
    Here is the code I use :

    onContextMenu: function(view, model, item, index, ev, opts) {

    var menu =...
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    Hello everybody,

    I started to work with ExtJs 4 this week and I have an problem with context menu position.
    My problem is that if my context menu is rendered too close from the right side of the...
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