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  1. Oh okay.

    I thought the case of >60 component cells, could be a common problem. But probably it only occurs when those are filled with draw components. :D

    My app is rather complex, so I will try...
  2. After profiling around I found that adding component columns blocks my UI for a few seconds.

    The problem isn't how long it takes, but that I can't do anything with the UI while it happens.
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    Thank you, this worked. But the load mask of the window still is still above everything (probably because it gets rendered to the <body> instead of the <div> where the window is in.

    -- edit --
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    I have a HTML structure like this:

    <div id="appLayer">
    <div id="someMenu"></div>
  5. query() gets me all children, even the deeper ones, but child() only gets the first matching direct child.
  6. somehow a query('container') on the headerCt did the trick.

    It found all top level columns, the normal ones and the grouped ones.
  7. oh btw. I have locked columns, too.
  8. The main header seems to have no items I could traverse :\
  9. Okay, I will try it, thank you :)
  10. The strange thing is, all the columns have a fixed width, so hiding one of the columns shouldn't resize any other column. Also I want my components to resize properly if a "real" resize of the column...
  11. I have a grid with 3 component columns a paging of 20 records, all of them are draw components.
    They get redrawn when I hide a column, even if the column wasn't one of these component columns.
  12. getVisibleGridColumns() worked with the column-index parameter, thank you :)
  13. I have a custom column, which has its own renderer method.

    But somehow I can't figure out how to get the current instance I'm "in"

    In the renderer "this" is the grid panel and none of the...
  14. All the methods of the headerCt seem to return leaf headers only, but I need to traverse all headers, including the grouped ones.
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    Ah, got it.

    I had a flex in the class definition of the first item and the container used this instead of the height of the config.
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    My main container layout:

    align: "stretch"
    beginCount: 0
    blockCount: 0
    calcCount: 3
    done: true
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    I have a container with an vbox layout and set all the children to a height of 600, but somehow they still get flexed.

    Layout is vbox with align set to stretch and overflowX and overflowY set to...
  18. I didn't get this result with a clean grid. But somehow with my customized. This totally eludes me...

    The bar adjusts its height dynamically.
  19. I want to use multi-line headers, but when I add a <br> into to the text the rows of the grid get higher, too.

  20. Ah yes, I shoved it into the XTepmlate and it gave the same result...

    I know, these dataIndexes suck rather much. They come from a migration of an older tool. Have to straighten them out

  21. In a few of my grids I get a strange string inside of the component cells.

  22. I tried a few things but the proxy never sends the node parameter to the server.
    The loading of new children over the treegrid works somehow.

    treestore.load({ node: myParentNode });
  23. The masked component doesn't know if it's in a window, so I can't mask the window.
    When the loading is done, the mask gets removed but when moving the windows, everything gets messy.
  24. I'm creating a few charts and grids. They get created without stores or with dummy stores.

    When a store is ready I add them with bindStore() or reconfigure() to the views.

    But now the grid...
  25. I create the draw component in the renderer function, so my first thought was this:


    But it only threw errors.
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