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    :-? Ok... is this going to be added in the...


    Ok... is this going to be added in the current release?

    Adding this functionality would be a really huge step in the right direction of making the designer a fully capable development...
  2. Loading files: Once the project is 'built' into...

    Loading files:
    Once the project is 'built' into a single .js release file is this still relevant?

    Create classes:
    So does the override essentially create a new class, or just inject/overwrite...
  3. This only happens on projects that need to be...

    This only happens on projects that need to be upgraded to the new Overrides release.

    Yes, opening designer and then selecting the project file works as expected.
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    If extend is not going to be supported how will...

    If extend is not going to be supported how will classic OO inheritance be catered for?
  5. Hi, When will this functionality be added? In...

    When will this functionality be added?

    In the mean time how do I go about sub-classing Ext.grid.Panel (for example), for use via the designer.

    Or alternatively Overriding Ext.grid.Panel,...
  6. [FIXED] Note this also affects other components.... ...

    Note this also affects other components....

    Previously I believe the underlying 'virtual' canvas that we were laying components onto was defined with a layout of 'fit'.
    This has changed.
  7. [FIXED] 1. Create a new component (e.g Panel) --- Set...

    1. Create a new component (e.g Panel)
    --- Set layout to border
    --- Remove height & width
    --- Previous the panel would then have expanded to fit the canvas

    2. Add sub component to top panel -...
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    Designer overrides

    Environment : ExtJs 4.0.x

    The new designer override functionality does not allow for the following properties:

    extend - Is ignored
    requires - Is ignored

    mixins - Breaks
    Error :...
  9. Double-click to open pre-overrides project does not work

    If you double-click the *.xds file on a project that has not been converted to the new Overrides way of doing things the designer hangs.
    The OS process exists but the UI is never displayed.

  10. [FIXED] Top level instances are not stretching to fit available canvas when size cleared

    Environment : ExtJs 4.0.x

    In the latest version of the designer the border layout needs a height specified.

    As my views are all going to be viewed within a viewport this makes no sense.
    I am...
  11. Performance & suggested best practice on how ensure 'override' is loaded

    Must admit I do like the latest change in regards to the designer using 'Override' functionality as opposed to base and extension classes.
    Essentially generating source files when they are actually...
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    Namespace support (and custom components)

    Related to an earlier post...
    We have a number of custom components that live in a completely separate namespace
    (e.g. MyUx.form.field.CoolDateField)
    We need the ability to reference these.

  13. Related to No Export flag

    If not exported it should also not generate the related 'Requires' entry in the class where it is used. Again this is similar to the functionality of the base Ext. class system.

    Essentially, we...
  14. Need the ability to flag a component to NOT be exported / saved

    When using Ext. components from the designer toolbox and you then save your project the definitions of these components are not saved into your project.

    We need the same ability with a component...
  15. How to override 'extend' property or suggestions on different approach

    In my app I have extended the Ext.grid.Panel (e.g MyApp.ux.grid.Panel) and added a fair amount of customization that I use/want to use across the majority of the grid panels in my application...
  16. [FIXED] Sorters are not applied after using FilterBy() method


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4 rev 0.7
    Browser versions tested against:

    FF8.0.1 (firebug 1.9.1 installed)
  17. Bespoke code in implementation / override classes

    I have noticed comments a few times now from Sencha implying that everything can done in the base classes (via designer) and it should be rare that any code is developed in the implementation /...
  18. I have done some basic testing to see how this...

    I have done some basic testing to see how this would impact and have run into the following two problems...

    1. Is it possible to override any property of the 'base' class?
    -- Overriding 'alias'...
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    Sub-classing grid and form

    I have added functionality to my new extended grid and form classes that I want available across all grids and forms in my entire application.
    These are fairly fundamental changes and require...
  20. Detect file changes...

    As said previously like the approach of a write-once implementation file and write-always base class..

    But as a thought...
    What about detecting when an implementation file changes and...
  21. Thread: UI changes

    by markofsine

    Poll: +1 vote for keeping as is

    Mainly as this is what we are now used to....

    If you change it:
    50% will not be happy because it changed. :((
    25% will not be happy because it has not changed to the way they want it. :s...
  22. Breaking the build - thoughts

    I support the suggested two file approach in addition to standardizing naming convention of base class....

    But this last change of using overrides as opposed to sub-classes is (perhaps?) more...
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    Definite pain point...

    Unfortunately the workflow for large applications is not well supported...

    We have a similarly large app, 50+ stores, 40+ controllers and 100+ views...

    Having everything in one project...
  24. [FIXED] Mixins property is not available and cannot be added

    How can the mixins property be added to a class?

    It currently does not exist in Component Config and cannot be added as the 'Add' function only adds string values and not object or array.
  25. [CLOSED] Project files in the same base directory overwrite each other

    There should be no reason why projects with different project file names and asset namespaces cannot be saved in the same location.

    It makes the project unwieldy to put all my views, controllers,...
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