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  1. Yeah, that's what we do right now with a separate...

    Yeah, that's what we do right now with a separate index.html, but it'd be a lot nicer if we can see our look and feel inside SA2, especially for designers.

  2. Can Sencha Architect 2 make (WYSIWYG) use of custom CSS and extra icons?


    We developed CSS and icons for our app(developed with SA2), and I am wondering if Sencha Architect 2 can make use of those so that our app looks like our app inside SA2?


    Tom Zeng...
  3. What's the best practices for using SA2 to develop for both Desktop and Mobile?


    I've been using Sencha Architect 2 to develop our mobile web app, and really enjoy using it and had great success in developing our app(kudos to the SA2 development team for such a nice and...
  4. [FIXED] Thanks, for the suggestions. That value was...

    Thanks, for the suggestions. That value was inserted by SA2 - after picking a date from the popup calendar, so definitely a bug in SA2
  5. [FIXED] Date Picker change event firing twice in ST 2.0.1


    I Just tried to upgrade from ST 2.0.0 to ST 2.0.1, and noticed a couple of changes that break my app, one of them being the Date Picker change event now firing twice, and also firing on...
  6. How to set the default value for Ext.picker.Date


    I am wondering how to set the default value (e.g. today's date) for a Date Picker in SA2. It only allows for picking a date from the popup calendar and that does not work right now (reported...
  7. [FIXED] Setting value on Ext.picker.Date does not work

    Setting value on Ext.picker.Date ended up with invalid code - the value 2012-04-25T00:00:00 is not quoted, see the screen shot
  8. JS files in resources included after app.js

    I added several JS files in Resources, they got included after app.js, should they be included before app.js? For now, I have to created a separate .html with the right include order (custom JS...
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